How A Career Coach Can Open Doors Of Opportunity For Your Creativity

Working as an artist or writer can be very emotionally rewarding, but it will also be difficult if you struggle with motivation issues.
However, instead of giving into this time-sucking problem, you should consider working with a career coach to help you stay on track.
After all, most writers and artists are self-employed or work as contractors, and this means that you will be personally responsible for all of your success.
Therefore, it is essential that you do not allow yourself to spend a lot of time engaging in non-work related activities if you want to be able to provide your family with even a basic level of financial security.

How can a Career Coach Help an Artistic Person?

Artists of all types face many different challenges on a daily basis. For example, the current economy can make it difficult to sell art, and writers are having their work turned down in record numbers due to the fact that book sales continue to decline.
If you are going to rise above these complications and create a successful career, you will need to remain intensely focused on a daily basis, and you will also need to create a high volume of work.
Unfortunately, this is where many artists run into issues. However, a career coach can help you get on track and increase your annual income.

How to Find a Local Career Coach

There are many kinds of coaches that can be found online with the help on an online professional coach directory. A person can put in their zip code and a directory of professional coaches will come up for that area.
This directory includes the different kinds of coaches available, as well as pictures and a brief explanation of what each coach specializes in and any degrees they hold, along with their phone numbers and addresses.
These services are international. For example, if you put in the Canadian zip code, or Toronto, Ontario in the search finder, it will pull up a list of every coach, including career coach Toronto based, for a person to look into and read about.
This search includes reviews for each coach but also comes with the initial consultation at no cost. A person can meet with a coach and get comfortable with them to be sure it is a good fit for them individually, and then decide if they want to continue.

What will a Career Coach Do?

A career coach helps an individual discover their strengths and weaknesses, and they also provide useful weekly goals that will help you gauge your measure of success.
For example, if you are trying to write a 150,000 word novel and you keep getting distracted, a career coach will help you figure out how to become more dedicated to your work.
During an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, the coach might discover, for instance, that you spend an exorbitant amount of time on Facebook every day.
If this is the case, the coach will discuss this issue with you, and they will help you stay away from this unnecessary distraction by setting up a timetable that includes specifically allocated blocks of time for visiting the social network.
By following this guideline, you will still get to indulge in your habit without wasting hours each day.

The Goal Setting Process

Career coaches provide their clients with daily and weekly goals. As long as you hit each of these goals, you will be able to achieve your desired end result.
Failure to hit these goals will cause your coach to analyze any potential issues that are standing your way, and you will need to be honest with yourself about your level of dedication to your current project.
Ultimately, the success of the work that you do with a career coach will be up to you, and if you are still unable to meet deadlines, it might be necessary to consider a career change.
Working with a career coach might seem like a hindrance for the artistic process, but it will actually free your life from many of the unnecessary obstacles that you place in your own way.
Fully dedicating yourself to the work and undergoing the process of explaining how you are using your time will help you identify and improve your personal weaknesses, and this will make it easier to increase your level of productivity.

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Lisa Coleman writes to encourage the artist or writer to reach out to a local coach in their area if they have struggled with work or business, to help create a set of goals and get some inspiration for the future.
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