Giving Birth Naturally: The Advantages And Disadvantages

As a mother, it is important for you to decide what is best for you and your baby. Natural birth is still a contested option by health professionals and experts, so basing your decision to have one based on facts is important. Many women are curious about natural child birth and the option to give birth without the aid of drugs. However, it does come with its advantages and disadvantages so it is best to consider both before making a decision.


Many women feel that giving birth free from taking drugs or having an epidural means that they can more control over the process. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Without pain killers or other drugs, a woman is conscious and aware throughout labour so they can remember the whole moment. Some mothers feel that the use of medications can produce risks such as the increase or decrease in contractions, lower blood pressure and cause nausea. Some doctors may contest that this will not harm the baby, but it is still the mother’s decision. Along with being alert and without pain relief you can feel your body’s reflexes which enable you to push more which can reduce your time in labour. Most natural birth techniques are rarely intrusive, so the baby is kept safe from harm.


Natural birth does come with its downsides. The medication can reduce the risk of blood loos, which can be a result of a longer labour period. Medication can often reduce the amount of time in labour, which can lead to less blood loss.  Some natural birth techniques are unable to eliminate pain and in most cases where the pain can become severe, a mother may request pain killers for pain reduction.  If you still decide to opt for a natural birth, it is highly advised that you seek profession help first. Natural birth is not suitable for everyone, as some may not be able to manage the increase in pain through the lack of medication.

The options that can be available to you, should you decide include:


This method utilises deep breathing and massage techniques that aim to distract the mother from the feeling of pain.


This entices the mothers body to enter a state of relaxation where her body can function the way it is designed. She is relaxed, calm and in control of her body.

Water Birthing.

By allowing the mother to sit in a tub of warm water, it is believed that the water will help the baby arrive through buoyancy that removes pain and pressure.

These techniques remove the need for medication and are becoming a popular method for when a mother goes into labour. If you decide to use these techniques on your birth plan, remember to have a contingency plan in the event that your first arrangement does not go accordingly. You should also remember to contact a fully qualified professional, who will guide you while supporting your decision for a natural birth.

Harry Price is a man with many talents.  Along with writing, he enjoys singing and playing bass guitar with a local rock band.