5 Smart And Beautiful LED Home Lighting Ideas To Light Up Your Life

Lighting brings the softness and coziness of your house to life. Different lights portray different moods and help you achieve the desired effect you envision. LED lighting is perhaps one of the biggest technological breakthroughs that has made this both easy to achieve and cheaper to implement. Here are five smart and beautiful LED home lighting ideas to help you light up your space.
Colored Water

This elegant and inspired implementation of LEDs makes your faucets and other water outlets come to life. The LED lights are attached onto the water nozzle and when the water is running, color the water whatever colors the LEDS you chose have. This does not even have to be a complicated affair, with just a few simple home improvement tools and some instructions it is relatively easy to add these lights to your taps. You can also go a step further and install multiple color LED lights which change color either with the temperature of the water or based on a switching module that you have installed.
Garden LED Lights

LED lights are water proof which means they can be installed easily in the outdoors. In this implementation, we see a unique design of a string of LED lights that create the curved lighting effect. Bending inwards, the lights also accentuate the path and help night time users distinguish where the path is. The great thing about this type of implementation is that the LED’s can also be cued to change color as well as have a flexible stalk to get creative with every now and then. Garden LED lighting has become quite the hip thing because of the seemingly countless number of ways they can be used.
LED Light Door Handles

These have to the cutest handles ever made and the real magic behind them is…you guessed it, LED lights. Here we see the designer has created a door handle with in-built LED lights that can glow in a variety of ways. In the first instance the lights can be cued to change color on a twist to indicate the room on the other side is occupied. This can be a change from green to red. Alternatively, the lighting can simply be fixed ornamentally to glow at night and make it easy to find the door handle in the dark. Of course this is more ornamental than practical given the ease at which most people locate a door handle once they find the door. Nevertheless, this amazing design stretches home LED lighting that much further.
Glowing Kitchen Countertop Lights

A beautiful idea that turns the kitchen into this classy looking glowing space. Installing LED lights under the top shelves turns hitherto dark spots into softly lighted areas. The days when you needed really bright lights in the kitchen to illuminate every nook and cranny are history and with LED lights you can now get the light just where you need it and nowhere else. So the kitchen table can be mellow with candle light shades while the kitchen tops glow with illuminating yet soft shades of light.
LED Lights Watching Your Step

Stairwells are notorious for being gloomy and dark while at the same time being precariously dangerous. Here we see a great use of LED lighting that transforms a staircase from darkness to a highway to heaven. The excellent blend of lighting, glass and wood create this sense of a floating staircase and that in addition makes the area more open and accessible. An epic design concept, LED here is the central linchpin that transforms the piece to a piece de résistance.

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Guest post by Scott Ryan; writing for Call Mum, a home improvement firm that deals in window and patio installations.