Top 5 Blogs By CEOs

In today’s social and Internet-fueled world, having a blog or website is not as uncommon as it was just a decade ago.
Following the right blogs and sites today is a way to get ahead in any industry you are interested in, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur yourself or if you are looking to advance the current career you have.
When you want to know more about business and opportunities that can help you grow professionally, following some of the top CEO blogs can help.
The Counterintuitive CEO
The Counterintuitive CEO blog is a blog run by George Colony, the CEO of the company Forrester.
Although the frequency of the posts available on the blog is not as high as some CEO blogs, Colony helps company leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow understand marketing, business challenges, and the increase in technology that will be available in the future.
George Colony founded his company, Forrester, nearly 30 years ago on his own and is currently working to expand internationally today.
Sea Views
Sea Views is a blog that is run by the Royal Caribbean cruise line CEO, Adam Goldstein.
Goldstein covers a wide range of topics including introducing new cruise ships to unveiling new features and entertainment on the ships that are run by the company.
Royal Caribbean has benefited greatly from launching a blog on its site, helping to attract new customers while increasing the amount of exposure they are gaining with the use of their official website combined with social media.
There is also an “Ask Adam” section available on the blog itself for those who are interested in taking a cruise or for individuals who simply want to know more about the company and its ships.
Blog Maverick
Mark Cuban, the entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, hosts his own blog, Blog Maverick.
Cuban is also featured on the hit show “Shark Tank”, showcasing his skills as a leader and business developer.
Although Blog Maverick covers mostly details on Mark’s own journey and adventures in being the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, it also pinpoints various aspects of running a business and highlights different tools and services available for individuals looking to become entrepreneurs themselves.
You and Your CIO Career
Martha Keller runs You and Your CIO leader, one of the most informative and insightful business blogs run by a CEO today.
The blog features guest bloggers, interviews and even information on the latest business books that may be relevant to your career.
Learning about developing partnerships and standing out in business is possible by reading the You and Your CIO career blog.
The Grassy Road: A CEO at Work and Play in Silicon Valley
The Grassy Road blog is run by Penny Herscher, a CEO who resides and works out of Silicon Valley.
The blog is ideal for those who are interested in understanding entrepreneurial tips and tricks in addition to expanding knowledge of online marketing and social media.
Herscher also provides a mixture of personal posts that helps to make this blog a bit more memorable than most CEO blogs available today.
Following CEO blogs is a great way to expand your knowledge in business, marketing and any industry you desire to work in.
Taking advice from already-successful CEOs and entrepreneurs is a way to gain more insight into the potential careers you may want for yourself while learning new tips and tricks to help you with getting ahead in any position you desire.
Utilizing CEO blogs is highly recommended whether you already consider yourself a working entrepreneur or if you are looking to break away from traditional jobs.

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