What's Great On London's West End

London’s West End is a must-visit for every UK vacation. As the centre of theatre in the capital, the best shows of the UK always either make a stop here, or make the West End their home. This year is no exception ; here’s a peek at all the best things to catch at the home of theatre.
Musicals Galore
The favourites are definitely still up and running, and perfect for a family’s first experience with the West End especially if you’ve already caught their time on the big screen. Classics such as Mamma Mia at the Novello, the Lion King at the Lyceum, the Phantom of the Opera at her Majesty’s Theatre run year after year. Billy Elliot, with a score by Sir Elton John, is another play that you may know from its Hollywood adaptation. The younger cast has traditionally being a weaker point of this production, but the story still retains the same charm it had on the silver screen. Fans of the undeniable Britishness of that particular production will also do well to catch Spamalot, a musical tribute to the Monty Python cult film, this year, as it runs until April.
The West End has also been seeing a trend for the ghostly with two plays that are currently running. The Woman in Black is the second longest running show in the West End; it’s been performed since 1989 at the Fortune Theatre, and the show has long been a crowd favourite, even resulting in a film adaptation. Newcomer to the scene Ghost, based on the classic Paramount Pictures film, tells the story of a man keeping his romance with his girlfriend alive even after the grave. Since its premiere, the show has proven to be an unexpected new classic, with reviewers talking about audience members crying in their seats.
From Shakespeare to Austen
Old standard plays are also definitely great to catch and experience in the West End’s multitude of restored theatres. After all, what would British theatre be without tradition and the occasional costume drama? An adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya is running until February the 16th, while William Shakespeare’s historical classics Richard III, Henry V, Julius Caesar and Macbeth are all playing in 2013. More of a romance fan? The stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, though not out until the summer, will hit just the right note for Austen aficionados.
West End shows are a top attraction to take in for any stay in London, and there are definitely a huge variety to choose from. Why not get a London hotel in the area and book a few shows to see just what the city’s cultural sector has to offer?

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