How To Correct A Sagging Gutter

Gutters will not work at their optimum if they are not fixed and secured properly. Bad joining and connections will cause the guttering to sag and in turn lead to blockages, leaks and overflow. There are many reasons a gutter could begin to sag including debris, bad support and old age. Most can be fixed with just a little time and a small amount of knowledge. It is best to identify why, how and where your guttering is sagging before attempting to fix it. Safety is important when carrying out any DIY and please take care when fixing your guttering, especially when using ladders and drills.
A sagging gutter can be fixed without the need of a specialist and this article will describe the best way to carry out the job.

  • Firstly there are some essentials you will need to correct the sagging gutter. The relevant equipment is as follows:

Protective gloves and overalls – in order to keep your hands free from dirt and potential injury as well as your clothes clean.
Ladders – reaching the guttering safely and securely is essential to fix the guttering.
Scrapers or trowel- used to remove any leaves or debris in the guttering.
Bucket of water- used to flush the debris away.
Spirit level- used to ensure the guttering is slightly off level.
Drill- for making additional holes for brackets and screws along the drain pipe.
Screwdriver- for tightening and screws along the drain pipe.
Screws – for any new fixtures along the guttering.

  • If you have previously checked all sections of the guttering and down pipes for any debris or leaves blocking them and not found the source of the overflow then now is the time to check the line of the gutter.
  • Now select the bucket of water and pour it into the guttering. This will indentify the area where the sagging is occurring and may also show where debris and leaves are stuck. The guttering may be sagging due to a lack of fixtures along it or damaged and loose support brackets no longer giving the guttering the hold it needs.
  • Another reason maybe that the guttering brackets are low and therefore the guttering is not getting the support it needs. Using new screws reset the bracket to a lower position at the outlet end and lift the other end slightly by adding a small piece of lead underneath, between the bracket and gutter.
  • Now use the spirit level to ensure that the gutter is sloping towards the down pipe drainage and not in the opposite direction.
  • If you are brackets are placed into brickwork the nuts already present will be adjustable and you can simply tighten or loosen them accordingly.

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