Hot Brands For Trendy Sunglasses

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Hot Brands for Trendy Sunglasses
Some of the hottest brands are setting the trends for sunglasses around the globe. When big brands and designers speak (or in this case, design) people listen and those designs become the favorite silhouettes of the moment. More often than not, other brands begin to copy the designer version of a style of sunglasses. These are the hottest brands of the moment, who are churning out the coolest styles of sunglasses for you to go after this season.
Brands of Sunglasses

  • Giorgio Armani. For sporty frames or glam sunglasses, Armani is the brand that is covering every type of sunglasses. There are constantly new functional sunglasses for those who lead an active lifestyle. There are also glamorous takes on some of the hottest trends like aviators and oversized lenses. Armani makes sunglasses for every face shape and in various frame materials, such as metal or plastic, allowing you to choose what sits most comfortably on your face.
  • Marc Jacobs. For those who crave kooky, avantgarde sunglasses, Marc Jacobs is the brand for you. The colored and printed sunglasses trend becoming so popular is thanks to Jacobs and the out-there styles of sunglasses he would show in runway shows. To this day, the runway sunglasses are made in limited quantities with slightly pared down versions available in sunglasses boutiques online and in-stores. Print sunglasses from Marc Jacobs are among the most popular and favored by young celebrities. They incorporate color and texture the majority of the time, making them a great choice for those who want to add some pizazz to an outfit via their sunglasses.
  • Tom Ford. Tom Ford has put new, exciting designs of sunglasses on the map. His designs have gone on to be knocked off by mass retailers and his sunglasses are a favorite on many reality TV shows. People love Tom Ford sunglasses because they offer that instant glam factor to any look. There are pairs for every day wear, but there are also ultra chic styles that stand out and work for a glitzy vacation or hanging out on a yacht. Tom Ford epitomizes luxury and with his designs for sunglasses, more people are able to get the high end look without spending major dough on Ford’s ready to wear or shoes.

Luxury sunglasses are made of high quality materials. Unlike the cheap sunglasses you buy that bend or loosen within weeks of wearing them, luxury sunglasses are made of a higher grade of plastic. The molds used for luxury sunglasses are superior to those used for cheap sunglasses, which adds to the longevity of high end sunglasses.
Will luxury sunglasses break? Yes. If you intentionally bend them or sit on them, it is likely the sunglasses will break. However, if you take proper care of most luxury sunglasses, you will find that they can last for years. Always store your luxury sunglasses in the hard case they come with to prevent scratches or general wear and tear. When you’re making an investment in any accessory, you want to take care of it so it lasts.
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