Great Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

Do you have a blank wall in your apartment you are still struggling to fill thanks to time constraints and budget? Most of the home owners turn the white walls into gallery walls. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there are many fresh decor ideas that can be made in just a few minutes and without spending a fortune. Plus, baskets, wall sculptures, paint-dripped objects, etc., will dress up your walls immediately and will add some fun and elegant and charming touches to your space. Check these ideas I have gathered for you and fill your dull white walls with creativity and pops of color.

Cluster Colorful Baskets

You can add just one basket, but you can also hang a whole bunch for more dramatic look. Find decorative ones in various colors and sizes and try to arrange them in the best possible way. If you can’t find such baskets, try to paint and decorate the one you have at home using craft paint.

Hang Something with An Interesting Print

Baskets, woven screens, punched tin doors, garden fencing or metal sheets – the list is endless. Keep your mind open and you will find some great wall hanging in your garage, attic, yard or interior.

Make A Dip-Painted Wall Sculpture

There are many tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to craft your own wall sculpture easily and quickly. Try dip-painting an old wood kitchen utensil or farm tool in some fun brightly colored paint to give them a modern twist, then hang them to embellish the boring white wall.

Great Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

Use Wall Brackets to Bring Dimension to Your Art

Instead of just hanging the chosen art directly on the wall, you can try propping it up on wall brackets. It would boost visual interest and you can move things around whenever you want – vases one day, picture frames the next.

Layer Big Letters

A pair of vintage or modern oversize letters can add interest to your empty wall. For more interesting and strong graphic look, you can slightly overlap them. Or for a more simple look, put the letters side by side.

Hang Your Hats

If you have some cool hats in your closet, don’t hide them. Show off your chic and lovely fedoras or cloches on hooks on the wall. No hats, find some fun objects that can create the same effect.