Why Is Law Important?

Ever wonder why laws are made? Ever think about what it would be like to not have such complicated laws and rules running through society? Ever wonder if a world without lawyers would be a good thing or bad? These questions are not something unusual, most people do think along the same terms.

Law is there to protect the basic rights and lives of every man and woman. They are made for the welfare of society and for the general safety of mankind. The first and most basic function laws have is to protect us from the crimes and criminals living in the world. The creation of the international criminal court and international law are all created to bring criminals to justice.

Promotes Common Good

In a community where everyone is well connected and do not bear anyone ill will or harm, the presence of someone who is interested in themselves and what they need will often result badly. People who think of their self – interest before anyone else’s good often end up uncaring of any harm they cause when they simply take from others. People like these are made to stand against the law and take their punishment after being caught. The law provides this service. It is there in the case of unlawful usurpation of property, petty thefts, exploitation and any other crime people can come up with. Law is not a revenge system, it seeks to provide equal justice to everyone and it does not believe in the ‘eye for an eye’ policy. It provides the same justice for all.
Why Is Law Important

Encourages People To Do Right

Laws were not solely made for protection. They were also designed so that people who lived in a certain community, were pushed to do the right thing when it came to certain situations. Often, people tend to do what is best in their own self interest and ignore everything else. With the proper laws, and people who abide by them, others are often encouraged to do the same and follow the right path in terms of laws.

Order of Law

Even if Law doesn’t encourage the person to do the right thing, it still gives the people their rights, protection and the chance to get justice if someone has done another wrong. The stability of a country is dependent upon a good law system. If the most basic crimes are not dealt with, the economy of a country can collapse within a few years. Without a proper justice system, nothing is safe.

Critics of the law state that law is often harmful. This is not untrue, since the legal system has to limit the freedom of society to a certain extent. But without this limitation, it cannot provide the safety to the people living in the community. Human rights are so basic that to protect each other from harm, people do need to have boundaries. The boundaries are the laws that forbid harm to another person or stealing their property. So even if the law does limit the freedom, it is only for the good of the people.

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