Solar Panel Climate Change

Solar Panel Climate Change

Already climate experts from THE WORLD ‘S LEADING send us a little over a decade to delay and reverse climate change. The best minds in renewable energies are looking up as time runs out. To put it literally. Solar solutions are now simpler, cheaper, and more sophisticated than ever, and the power is in the personal. One rooftop at a time can well be the best way to save the world and your wallet.

Too much of the planet, it is a question well beyond debate: now is the time to develop renewable energy capital. The authors of the new landmark study by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warn that immediate and unprecedented changes are needed to prevent catastrophe — mass mortality of coral reefs, severe drought, starvation and wildfires, and potentially land, food and wildlife conflicts Air new. Renewable energy sources such as hydropower, wind, solar and geothermal energy will grow from about 20 percent of today’s electricity mix to as much as 67 percent in the decade to come. According to some projections, the planet will consume 75 percent more resources in thirty years than it does today. Our existing energy mix does not fulfill the criteria. Of course, fossil fuels are small, but Providing much of our resources right now … by far. The method urgently needs to accelerate in order to arrive at a sustainable combination in time to prevent unparalleled environmental and human disasters.

Who You Should Do?

Most of us don’t need any more drastic reminders to realize how important it is to reduce our carbon footprint. What we need to learn, quickly and affordably, is what to do and how to do that.

The Bonne News? In reality, it has never been easier and more affordable to cultivate renewable energy sources, especially solar ones. With the advances in solar technology from the panel to the grid, the solar industry is rising, creating employment, and making solar a better option for society as well as for individuals.

See how simple and inexpensive it is to make the Energy Geeks turn to solar energy.

For Mackie Hilborn, CEO of Energy Geeks, the biggest online solar network in North America, the problems are as much economic as they are social and environmental. “The math is clear,” he says, “the demand for energy is increasing and the supply is growing. This has created a crisis among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations in terms of national security, income inequality, and actual suffering. We need to produce our own electricity for so many purposes, and the solar is limitless. I love solar, as it is open to every country in the world. From the viewpoint of energy supply, this is not just the luck of digging the draw for oil, gas, or coal. It’s about each country on the planet getting access to the sun and making use of it to develop and regulate their energy markets.

“Now it’s just a matter of building an infrastructure to collect the energy, store it, distribute it, and create a network around it so that everybody can access the energy they need. It’s safe, it’s green and it’s going to be here forever. Solar would be very important for our economies in North America making the hunt for fossil fuels a thing of the past. It goes To build work and to put ourselves as a leader. Energy is the world’s most comprehensive product. So basically our goal is to power the planet with 100 % renewable energy, beginning right here in North America.”

How? How? The solutions are local and now also highly customized, with the free resources EnergyGeeks offers.