Personalised Clothing – Build Brand Awareness and Promote Your Business

Personalised Clothing - Build Brand Awareness and Promote Your Business

There are numerous ways a company can build brand awareness and promote its goods or services. In recent years, this has predominantly taken place online, however traditional forms of publicity remain incredibly effective.

Even so, techniques such as printed advertisements in the local press or even nationwide television commercials tend be fairly expensive. What’s more, they’re gradually losing their impact and disappear off the radar sooner rather than later.

Therefore, small businesses and even large corporations are looking at new, innovative ways to create a buzz for their products and enhance reputations. Although it might seem like a basic and obvious technique, personalised clothing has an enormous amount of potential.

Building Brand Awareness

Although Virgin Trains recently courted controversy over its new work uniforms, which female staff said was too revealing, Sir Richard Branson was sure to be happy with the publicity. Something as simple as clothing has the ability to not only impact on staff happiness and well being, it can also establish and enhance reputations.

While the majority of businesses will want to avoid the type of negative press Virgin Trains received, few will argue against the positive benefits that stylish and personalised work uniforms can afford.

If your staff compliment is the face of the business, then it will be necessary to kit them out with some attractive apparel. If high levels of interaction with the customer exist, company colours or a distinctive logo will provide instant recognition. What’s more, your credibility is bound to increase, as clientele will appreciate staff that look presentable and approachable.

In addition to brand awareness, the workforce is more likely to feel part of a team. This sense of unity is invaluable to any organisation that depends on teamwork and collaboration to get the job done.

Promote your Business

 Along with associating specific colours or a particular design to your business, personalised clothing can be a powerful advertising tool. Just like branding and contact information on the side of company vehicles, different types of apparel can be used as a promotional tool in everyday life.

There is a chance some employees will wear their uniform to work or while running errands in town, but the most effective way of advertising your business through company clothing is by passing it on to the general public.

The easiest way to do this is giving away apparel at local or national events. From trade shows and industry conferences to local charity or sports events, there are numerous opportunities to promote your brand. Everybody loves something for free, especially hats and t-shirts that can be used time and time again.

You may also consider rewarding valued customers by offering personalised clothing as a gift or prize. Restaurants often have eating challenges or loyalty cards that result in a free product or services, so why not make it a t-shirt? If a customer places a particularly large order, include a token of your appreciation, such as a promotional hat.

So with formal polo shirts, sports clothing, functional workwear and numerous accessories available, every kind of business can build a brand and promote their services through personalised apparel.