Preventing Office Accidents: 4 Strategies for Creating a Safer Workplace

Maintaining a safe workplace environment is essential for optimum productivity. Everyone feels more secure working in an office where policies are established and followed to protect employees’ safety and well-being. There are four important strategies for developing a safe work area.

Update the HVAC System

Older furnaces and air conditioning systems can suddenly stop working, or they sometimes go bad over time. Every year or two it is a good idea to have an HVAC technician examine the heating system and air conditioner to ensure the equipment is working properly. This helps to maintain adequate heat during cold weather as well as keeping everyone cool on warm days. Clear ductwork promotes effective air circulation to prevent mold and pollen buildup, which are human health hazards.

Eliminate Tripping, Slipping, and Falling Hazards

Slips and falls are a common cause of workplace injuries. These are often caused by improperly installed cords or wires, or wiring that becomes loose. Cluttered passageways or steps sometimes lead to falls. Walkways should be kept clear of debris indoors, and free of snow or ice outdoors.

Periodically Evaluate Security Measures

Security applies to many aspects of the workplace, from personal safety on the premises or in the parking area to cyber protection online through the company computers or telephone system. All security sources should be reviewed at least every year or so to ensure continued protection that is up to date. Human resource security is also important and should be maintained by keeping employee records confidential. Online transactions or social media promotions should likewise be monitored to prevent hacking and trolling.

Have the Electrical System Checked Annually

Since electricity operates so many company functions, it is important to have the electrical system checked each year to ensure it is up to code and able to handle the various equipment connected to it. An electrical failure can cost the company money as well as the good will of its customers. In addition, electrical problems are sometimes dangerous, resulting in nonworking light fixtures, which can lead to injuries, as well as the risk of shock from trying to operate electrically-controlled equipment that is malfunctioning. In addition to contacting an electrician if a problem pops up, it is also a good idea to hire a commercial electrician to analyze the company’s electrical quality each year to ensure safety and efficiency.
A safe work environment facilitates the daily workload and fosters peace of mind. Make sure these systems are fully operational to keep employees comfortable in the company workspace.