Caring Your Skin This Fall with Some Effective Tips

For several individuals, winter brings with itself a lot more than the rosy glow onto their cheeks. It also causes the skin of the feet, hands and face to dry. For a few individuals, the concern is shoddier than just the usual dry and tight feeling. The skin further flakes, cracks and even suffers from eczema.
Here are some tips for caring your skin this winter:
•    Moisture as more as possible
You might be using a moisturizer, which works great for summer and spring. However, as weather changes, you too have to change your moisturizer. Get an oil-based ointment moisturizer instead of water-based, because the oil creates a safeguarding layer on your skin to retain the moisture.
Choose the moisturizer with utmost care for your face. Look out for almond, primrose, mineral or avocado oil based moisturizer. You may even consider having lotions that contain humectants that help to attract or retain moisture on your skin.
•    Apply sunscreen
Yes, sunscreen is not only meant for summers. Try to apply some broad-spectrum sunscreen onto your hands and face prior to leaving your home, probably half an hour before. Consider reapplying the sunscreen if you intend to stay outdoors for a long duration.
•    Care for your hands
The skin on our hands is quite thin compared to the skin on other body parts and also has smaller amount of oil glands. This means it is quite difficult to keep hands moist especially during winters.  This might result in cracking and itchiness. Consider wearing gloves if moving outdoors.
•    Avoid wet socks and gloves
Wet gloves and socks may irritate skin resulting in cracking, itching, flaring up of eczema or sores.
•    Check your humidifier
Space heaters or central heating units give out hot air all through the home. Humidifiers receive more amount of moisture in air, which further aids to thwart drying of skin. Thus, place multiple humidifiers all through your home, as they disperse moisture in an even manner.
•    Grease your Feet
Those minty lotions for foot are excellent to use during summers, but for winters, the feet require stuff that is more effective. Try to get some petroleum jelly containing lotions or glycerin. In addition, use exfoilants to remove the dead skin on a regular basis. This also helps moisturizers that you apply to absorb deeper and faster.
Hydrate your body. It is a known fact that drinking water assists the skin to stay healthy, glowing and young always. Thus, make sure that you gulp in adequate amount of water.
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