How Lithium Batteries Have Redefined Innovations in the World of Communications

Cell phones are one of the great innovations in the world of communications. One of the factors that continue to push this growth is lithium batteries. The story of cell phones and their compatibility with the changing world is incomplete without mentioning the fact that they have lithium batteries. Most tech experts attribute the growth of the cell phone market to lithium and battery capabilities. They also associate the success of a gadget to its ability to keep and retain a charge. In 2018, for example, most of the flagship phones emphasized their battery ability more than other specs and capabilities.

What makes lithium batteries best?

Like mentioned above, lithium batteries have been one of the greatest facilitators of growth in technology. The following are some of the reasons why these type of batteries are game changers in the world of technology.

  • The make materials in lithium batteries are unmatched

One of the things that make these type of batteries perfect is the materials used to make them. Lithium as a material, for example, has many properties that make electron flow a reality and, therefore, gives the battery the properties it needs. In addition, other lithium battery making materials include graphite and cobalt. Thanks to Battery Mineral Resources, these materials are available, and in turn, makes these batteries affordable.

  • These batteries are light and powerful

For a modern technology consumer, weight is an important aspect. These batteries are the lightest in the world of batteries, and the weight aspect makes gadget mobility easier. The make of these batteries has enabled the phone manufacturers to make their phones slimmer and more attractive. On the other hand, these batteries are also the most powerful battery made. Battery life has become a synonym for a better gadget, and almost every consumer is willing to spend more money on a device that promises better battery performance.

  • Lithium batteries are the fastest, in terms of charging, and they retain a charge longer

Time is a factor for a majority of technology consumers. The speed of charging is, therefore, one of the most checked aspects in the world of technology. Compared to other batteries, lithium batteries are unmatched when it comes to faster charging, and they can retain a charge for more extended periods. Even when lithium batteries are put to heavy use, they can utilize the charge available for a longer period compared to any battery type.

Other lithium battery uses

Apart from lithium batteries being instrumental in the cell phone making process, there are tons of other uses. These uses are:

  • a) Making smartwatches

Smartwatches are arguably the most bought accessories, after phones, in the world. These watches need power and there is no other alternative to powering these watches apart from lithium batteries. Although these batteries are relatively small, they are able to retain charge depending on their price range and the usage.

  • b) Making digital cameras

Digital cameras need power and the characteristics of lithium batteries continue to fit the camera’s battery requirements. Some of these properties include the ability to retain charge while shooting and the fact that these batteries are light and therefore mobile.

  • c) Lithium batteries are instrumental in solar technologies

As the debate about clean energy intensifies, the place of lithium batteries continues to be irreplaceable. In all the solar energy innovations, there is constant use of lithium batteries, and it points to the importance of lithium in this advancement.

Importance of cobalt, graphite, and lithium in the making of these batteries

The three materials are vital in the making of lithium batteries. Each plays an important part in the functioning of a lithium battery. Cobalt, for instance, is one of the most important materials in making these types of batteries. In this case, the material is a cathode. Compared to other materials that can act as a cathode, cobalt is efficient.

Second, graphite is also an important factor in the making of these types of batteries. Although graphite is a multipurpose item in making batteries, in lithium batteries it acts as an anode. Graphite, in this case, supplements cobalt to make a complete battery functionality.

For lithium as a material, its main purpose is to make the flow of the electrons better. All of these materials are vital. Although different batteries have a different balance on each element, there are certain principles for the lithium to function.