Hotspot Shield Crosses the Bench Mark of 10 Million Downloads For Android

The race of being number one VPN service provider is surely at its peak, and this is mainly because of the fact that more and more companies are entering in this race, as they know that the future of this industry is very bright especially when
it comes to smart phones, as more and more individuals are moving towards smart phones rather than going with the plain old cellular phones, and one of the reasons for this is that it offers them the opportunity to use internet and get entertained from their applications whenever they want.
As far as the securities of these smart phones are concerned, people chose to go with VPN mobile services in order to make the most out of it.
After several larger companies, Microsoft has also put their hands in VPN mobile market, and this is to reap profits out of this industry.
However Hotspot Shield enjoys being the number one service provider for smart phones.
Recently Hotspot Shield has crossed the benchmark of 10 million downloads for Android, which is surely the greatest achievement for them, as by this 10 million bench mark it is evident that Hotspot Shield is ruling the market of VPN for Android, which is surely known to be the most dominant smart phone market while iOS ranks second.
Hotspot Shield’s 10 million download doesn’t only indicate that how well they are doing in this industry, but it is also the indication that more than 10 million people are using the services of VPN, and still a whole lot of them are searching for the best and the most reliable VPN service.
Hotspot Shield is surely the top ranked VPN for Android Company, and they are literally making good money out of this industry.
Besides just being the one that enjoys 10 million downloads, it also enjoys the reputation that up to 1.5 million new downloads are done of Hotspot Shield every month (Combined iPhone and Android),
which literally means that more and more people are getting into the circle of Hotspot Shield, and majority of new iPhone and Android are choosing Hotspot Shield over every other VPN service provider or either people are leaving their current VPN service for Hotspot Shield.
No matter what the case is, Hotspot Shield seems to be way much happy and are surely more focused towards improving their services, as in no way they are planning to let down their users.
Every VPN service providing company has its eyes over Hotspot Shield, as they find it to be their toughest competitor among the rest, as it is literally snatching the entire Android as well as iPhone market from them which is surely not acceptable for them.
Now all we have to do is to just wait and watch that what the competitors of Hotspot Shield do in this regard, and now what they have to offer to attract audiences towards them.
When it comes to attracting the target audiences, most people recommend that they should lower down their prices and offer similar services, as this is the core thing via which people are attracted towards a company or a service.
The article is written by Uzma Parveen who loves to describe the necessity of America VPN for internet users.