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Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Enables Patients With Respiratory Disorders To Have An Active And Exciting Lifestyle
Inogen is a company that is dedicated to creating and perfecting unique oxygen solutions for individuals suffering from respiratory problems. The company’s name stands for innovation in oxygen therapies. Before the creation of devices like Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator, individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, were relying on unsafe compressed oxygen tanks or bulky stationary oxygen concentrators. Compressed oxygen tanks that are still used in hospital settings have a high risk of fire and explosions, and they also provide oxygen that is limited to their storage capacity. Stationary, bulky oxygen concentrators don’t allow for active and spontaneous activities, and individuals with COPD require mobile oxygen delivery solutions like the Inogen portable oxygen concentrator to increase the quality of their life and help them improve their social life.
More than 100 million people around the world, including up to 30 million Americans, suffer from COPD, mainly as a result of chronic smoking, but it is also caused by other medical problems such as chronic bronchitis. COPD patients require a readily available source of oxygen in case air oxygen does not satisfy their physiological needs. Inogen One G3 is the ideal solution, because it provides oxygen-rich air that is available whenever the individuals need it, and allows for a greater freedom of movement and action due to its light weight, attractive design, easy-to-use button controls and battery.
Inogen One Concentrator May Be Used To Increase The Quality Of Sleep
Inogen One Oxygen Concentrators are used increasingly as an addition to the standard sleep apnea therapy – the Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) devices. Sleep apnea sufferers experience a dramatic decrease in oxygen intake during the night’s sleep, because of collapsed airways or due to obstructions created by the soft tissue or muscles surrounding the air passages. The Inogen One G3 is used to deliver oxygen-rich air to improve the utilization of oxygen by the brain, which effectively relieves symptoms such as daytime fatigue, low mental productivity, excessive sleepiness or more severe consequences, such as high blood pressure or poor memory. Cluster headache sufferers also may find substantial relief through the usage of portable Inogen oxygen concentrators, which provides oxygen therapy that constricts the excessively dilated blood vessels that exert pressure on the brain causing pain. Inogen One oxygen therapy can effectively prevent a severe cluster headache episode whenever the sufferer experiences the first signs.
Inogen One Oxygen Concentrator Is Great For Oxygen Therapy During Travel
Inogen specialists considered all aspects of mobility and portability when designing the Inogen One G3 oxygen concentrator. A long battery life, quiet and energy efficient operation, small volume and light weight are just some of the features that make the Inogen concentrator an excellent traveling solution for individuals requiring additional oxygen intake for their respiratory problems. You can plug the Inogen One G3 into a wall outlet or use a DC convertor when driving in the car to benefit from oxygen therapy whenever you feel the physiologic need. Using a portable oxygen concentrator may enhance your self confidence and allow you to engage in activities you feared before due to potential respiratory complications.
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