7 Tips On How To Remove Cellulite In Thighs, Buttocks And Stomach

7 Tips On How To Remove Cellulite In Thighs, Buttocks And Stomach

Bothered with the cellulite in your lower extremities and can’t find anything much to do about it? You are not alone as this problem is also the dilemma of many. No matter the age, cellulite can still manifest under our skin as fat cells forms underneath, and in many cases, a simple cellulite cream can’t fix the problem.

So if you’re trying hard and yet, solutions haven’t still come your way. Then this tips might surely get you one step closer to your goals:

1. Resistance Training

Just like what workouts can do for weight loss, resistance training can also do great in reducing the appearance of cellulite in your body. It improves your body’s metabolism as it maximizes the burning of fats that are trapped under your skin. Stop your cellulite from forming with resistance exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges and step-ups. It’ll maintain your health and solve your problems instantly.

2. Dry Brushing

Using a dry bristle skin brush, massage your problem areas in a circular motion to stimulate the lymphatic system of your body underneath your skin and promote better elimination of free radicals and toxins. Do this a few times each week, and you are will not just be cleaning your skin, you will also be breaking down the fat decompositions in your skin tissues that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite. On the contrary, if you have a sensitive type of skin, start dry brushing for a minute as you adjust its duration over time.

3. High-Quality Macro And Micronutrients

Invest in yourself by consuming macro and micronutrients that can do great wonders on how to get rid of cellulite. Macronutrients found on whole-grains, legumes and fruits can inhibit the excess fat build-ups while micronutrients in vitamins and minerals can boost the fat-burning activities of the body. Either way, it’ll both substantially reduce your cellulite problems.

4. Hormonal Balance

We, women, understand that correctly balanced hormones play a hugely important part in getting the body of our dreams. And even when we lack the ways to control it, we still find some effort and time to find a solution to our problems. Balancing our hormones may come naturally but other factors may also affect it, and these factors can also contribute in lessening the appearance of our cellulite since it depends on the things we consume that can further build fat cells that are responsible for our problems. Avoiding caffeine and harmful chemicals are just some of what you can do to attain balanced hormones. And even without an immediate cellulite solution in these, it’s still worth working on for a longer lasting multiple benefits.

5. Kettlebells

One of our common mistakes in associating workout in reducing our cellulite in the thigh areas is not giving much justice in using kettlebells and on how much it could give an effective result to your problem areas. Workouts in kettlebells won’t just give you a great and firm muscle formation; it could also burn those fats away including the ones stuck in your connective tissues that are making those cellulite lines in your thighs. It’s a great way to hit two birds with one stone.

6. Coffee Scrubs

Caffeine found in coffee grounds can help in lymphatic drainage and can smoothen your skin along the process. Exfoliate your skin by recycling your excess coffee grounds in the morning. In fact, caffeine can shrink the bursting fat cells underneath. This is the reason why you could also see some cellulite cream with coffee as their ingredients.

7. Hairspray Method

Surprised, aren’t you? This hairspray method is popular in beauty pageants that involve wearing a bikini, requiring the participants to get rid of their cellulite instantly. But, how to get rid of cellulite with hairspray? Well, you have to choose a stiff aerosol hairspray. Bend over with your bare legs as far as you can while keeping your knees straight and simply spray it generously onto the back of your thigh. It may drip a little, but that’s okay. It’ll dry up in a few minutes and viola! You’re all set for having the most flawless thigh ever.

Now that you’ve learned some of our secrets in solving those cellulite problems, you might as well begin to ponder and perform these tips on your body. Pick one to start as your daily habit then gradually add up the rest of the list. In time, it will be a huge part of your life as the results will come naturally.