Different Types of Dining Room Styles

Dining Room Styles

Your dining room is the most sociable and guest-centric room of your home, so you want it to look in tip-top condition, right? Right! A well-styled, welcoming dining room is going to be perfect for your family and your guests, so it’s definitely worth putting some thought and work into to get it right. There’s really a world of options out there when it comes to dining room styles, so it’s easy to get a little lost when you first start your research. Here’s a guide to different types of dining room styles, for all homes…

Dining rooms will typically come in three different categories. There’s split, which is where your dining room shares its space with your lounge or kitchen, informal, which is casual and welcoming or formal, which is the most traditional form of dining room.


Your split dining room is going to be casual, friendly and all things family, so you should furnish it accordingly! A few styles that would work for a split dining room include:

Rustic: The rustic style is all about maintaining a warm and comfortable atmosphere whilst still keeping things well designed and aesthetically pleasing. Choose large, timber pieces and a round dining table to really lean into this style. Hessian chair cushions and gingham napkins will complete the look perfectly.

French Country: This category gives you all the warmth of the rustic look, with a little more design, colour and detail to make it more exciting. French country is categorised by its use of muted colours and earth tones, irregular shapes and simple yet decorative details. Choose a muted blue wooden dining table, simple chairs and add a sunshine yellow table runner for the ideal French country look.

Shabby Chic: Shabby chic heroes one colour and one colour only, white! This style is similar to both rustic and country but keeps things light and airy by using a clean white throughout all furnishings. Shabby chic is great for a casual yet chic dining space, and it allows you to get playful with tones in the other half of the room.


An informal dining room is one that has its own space in your home but isn’t used for formal entertainment all that often. Your kids might do their homework, perhaps you eat breakfast and family dinner and you might do your reading or home office work, all in your informal dining room. Some great style options here are:

Contemporary: Contemporary is perfect for an informal dining space! The contemporary look is basically about leaning into the biggest trends in interiors right now. A great one would be the Scandinavian look, with light pine, square dining table, white wooden dining chairs and a hessian rug. Embellish with a generous amount of plants and add some clean bookshelves and mirrors to enhance the space.

Industrial: Invest in a timber dining table, black iron chairs and a few oversized details such as lamps or clocks. As long as you stick to black, white and timber tones, your dining room will look flawlessly industrial and very stylish.


Formal dining spaces are grand, traditional and host guests on a regular basis. This room is usually only used for entertaining or special occasions, so its perfect style pairings are…

Classic: Classic is light, airy and delicate. Look for ornate edges, scalloping, upholstery and pale classy neutrals when shopping for this style.

Traditional: Traditional is kind of perfect for your formal dining room. This is all about intricate embellishment, extravagant details and luxurious combinations of upholstery and glossy wood.

What’s your favourite dining room style? There’s so many to love! Shopping for dining room furniture within a specific style and formality category is the perfect way to create a cohesive and chic home!

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