Start-up Apps That You Need For Your Business

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Starting your own business is a lot of hard work. Good thing we live in this age of technology where gadgets and apps abound to help us work faster and easier. These iPhone and iPad apps will surely boost your productivity so be sure to check them out.
Bento 4 for iPad
Bento is the leading personal database for the iPad. You can organize your contacts, plan events, track projects and manage lists with Bento. New features include drag and drop design tools, 40 new themes, direct access to the Template Exchange, highlighted searching, records slider and multi-field sorting. Forty new themes are available. You can also create encrypted fields, GPS location fields, simple lists and calculation fields. You can even email your library data in .CSV format.
With Bento 4, you can track billable hours and your expenses for easy invoicing. You can also organize your music, photos and movies.
Bento 4 comes with 25 database templates that you can customize according to your organization needs. If that’s not enough, you can download more from the Template Exchange. Best of all, they’re free!
This app costs $9.99 at the Apple Store.
Docusign Ink
With Docusign, you no longer need to print documents to sign them. You can quickly sign them using your iPad or iPhone. This app will save you lots of time and lots of paper.
Docusign is a safe and secure way of signing documents. These documents are legally-binding so you don’t have to worry. You can get signatures from anyone and anywhere.  Docusign is used by over 22 million people in 188 countries.
You can sign PDFs, MS Office documents, faxes, image files, etc. Docusign automatically converts forms for hassle-free signing. You can also import cloud documents from Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Your signed documents are automatically stored in the cloud. You will also receive notifications when a document has been signed. Docusign is the only e-signature app that tamper-proofs your documents.
Docusign is great for business owners, entrepreneurs and busy families.
You can sign unlimited documents without a charge but you are limited to 5 additional signatories then you will be asked to purchase a yearly plan. Prices start at $15 a month.
As the name suggests, Invoice2Go is a fast and easy way to invoice, bill, collect, estimate and report your transactions. Invoice2Go Plus works on both the iPhone and the iPad. The plus version will let you try all the Invoice2Go functionalities that include cloud syncing and all the Apps2go add-ons for free. If you set up a new company, the app will automatically create a cloud account for it. You can access these documents from any device that has Invoice2Go Plus installed or through the Web App.
You can choose from 20 built-in invoice styles. You can customize these invoices by adding logos or moving fields. You can even create your own business forms.
Other add-ons include Calendar2go, Maps2go, Scan2go, Sign2go, Receipts2go and Statements2go.
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