Size Does Matter! Find The Perfectly Sized Smartphones For You

Choosing a smartphone is no easy task. Unless you are a dedicated fan of a particular brand, the options can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of options from each phone service provider, and it can be challenging to find the perfect fit. If you are in the process of trying to find a new phone, you should consider the following features to ensure you receive the right fit for your lifestyle. Not everyone will be happy with the same phone, and some phones are better for certain users than others. Using a set of criteria to help figure out what you need, will help make the overwhelming process a little easier.
Currently, the top five phones include the iPhone 4S (and the new iPhone 5), the Samsung Galaxy, The HTC One X, and the BlackBerry Bold 9930. Each of these phones have similar, but distinctly different features that make them perfect for certain uses.
The durability of your phone is important. If your phone is not durable, then you will have to replace the phone every few months or each time you drop it. This is not cost effective. Currently, the most durable phone is the iPhone, followed by Samsung Galaxy, then the other top brands. The durability of the phone includes how likely the screen is to break if you drop it, the moisture absorbency of the phone, and how likely the screen is to scratch. Both the iPhone and the Galaxy are also easy to repair.
The size of your phone is also important. A few years ago, the trend was for smaller and smaller phones, but with the introduction of the touch screen, phones are gradually increasing in size. Currently, the BlackBerry is one of the smallest phones, with a screen size of only 2.5 inches. The iPhone has a screen size of about 4 inches. The largest screen sizes are found on the Windows phones and Galaxy phones. However, the larger the screen size, the less portable the phone becomes. Many of the newest and biggest phones are too large to fit in a pocket or wallet, which can get annoying.
The features available on your phone are important. Right now, the iPhone has the greatest number of apps available, although the other phone versions are catching up to the iPhone. Most apps are designed for either the android system or the iPhone system. The Galaxy is has the fastest processer and one of the largest screens. The HTC One has a large screen and one of the most high-res cameras available on a phone. The BlackBerry is one of the few phones that still has a keyboard in addition to a touch screen. The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows-based phone and is highly compatible with Microsoft software.
A large consideration is always the price. Most smart phones cost between $100 and $600, depending on the brand and features. Most phone providers allow a reduction in price with a contract agreement. Most smartphones can cost less than $300 with a contract agreement. Depending on the time of year and age of the phone, you can find a good deal on nearly any smartphone.
Another feature to look at is how customizable the phone is. Can you purchase a variety of custom phone cases or decorations for the phone? What accessories can you purchase for the phone? Right now, the phone with the most customization options is the iPhone, which has thousands of customizable options for cases, decoration, accessories, chargers, and docks. You can also find a variety of cases and accessories for the Galaxy and the HTC One.
In general, the compatibility of a phone will vary based on the operating system. Android systems are more compatible with PC computers. Apple phones are compatible only with other Apple devices and programs. If you like to modify your own content and hook your phone up to a variety of devices, then a non-Apple phone is best. Otherwise, Apple has a larger range of programs and devices available.
Choosing a smartphone is a difficult task, but not impossible. Consider your lifestyle and needs and keep that in mind while shopping. Try out a few different phones in your quest and you will end up with a phone that is ideally suited to your lifestyle and needs

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