Are Roof Cleaning Services For Cape Cod That Beneficial?

Roof Cleaning Services

Chances are, when somebody mentions getting roof cleaning service done, your first thought is “Why? What benefit does that have?” Surprising, every home should have its roof professionally cleaned at least once a year, with twice a year being the most recommended by industry professionals. Especially important are roof cleaning services on Cape Cod.

Having a clean roof on Cape Cod homes is extremely important because of the climate impact to structures year-round from the salty air that comes from the Atlantic Ocean. And if a home sits among trees, cleaning services for Cape Cod roofs is even more beneficial. Hiring a regular Chatham roof cleaning professional service will provide many benefits such as:

  • Removes algae, lichen, and moss that eats roofing tiles
  • Exposes any roof damage that needs attention
  • Removes the corrosion residue that continues to corrode
  • Reduces mud and silt that gets in the gutter system
  • Restores roof color back

A Ridgefield roof cleaning service aids every Cape Cod, Chatham, and Ridgefield homeowner by providing services that keep a home’s appearance looking its best and keeping it healthy by doing a professional style pressure washing. This doesn’t mean a high-pressure wash either – in this part of the country, a soft pressure wash with the right product is best.

Additional Benefits of Scheduling Regular Roof Cleaning Services on Cape Cod

Doing landscaping and yard work makes a home look good, but there is more to it than that! The exterior of your home needs a thorough cleaning to make it looks it’s absolute best. Additional benefits of regular professional roof cleaning services for Cape Cod homes are:

  • The leaves, seeds, twigs, and other solid debris that gets wedged under roof shingles and tiles that will loosen them. This increases the risk of high winds and stormy weather taking them off, causing roof damage, leading to roof leaks.
  • Soot and other airborne exhaust, air pollution, and the residue from acid rain that settles onto rooftops will cause the shingles or tile to dry. This loosens them and washes any granules into the gutter system, clogging it up so that water can’t wash out and away from the house.
  • As algae build up on a roof, it eats away at asphalt shingles, causing them to thin. Algae, lichen, mold, and moss will eat down under the shingles or tile, eat away at the flashing and loosen the shingles, tiles and soften the tar paper, eat away at the decking.
  • The results of mildew growing on your roof is an unpleasant odor that can affect breathing for both people and their pets. Professional roof cleaning services on Cape Cod will specialize in cleaning off mildew and mold, prevent it from returning the next rain, and will make being outdoors around your home more comfortable and pleasant.
  • Being on the Atlantic Ocean, there are constant layers of dust, grit, sand, and silt in the air that settles onto roof surfaces. Eventually, all of that will work its way to the deck, flower beds, patio, pool, and walkways. By having professional cleaning services for Cape Cod roofs, it minimizes the need to clean all that yourself and keeps the exterior of your home clean and ready for entertaining.
  • When the dirt, grime, and mud from your roof rinse off into the gutter system by rain, it builds up and clogs it, keeping the gutters from doing their job. This can lead to potential damage to the roof and the foundation because that water has nowhere to go but up the roof, under the shingles or tile, or overflow into your landscaping and puddle up around the foundation.

In addition to these benefits, a professional Chatham roof cleaning or Ridgefield roof cleaning service will make your Cape Cod home look bright, clean, and fresh again. It enhances the curb appeal, making your neighbors envious and your guests amazed!