What is a lip balm?

A lip balm is also referred to as lip salve and is originally a  wax-like substance applied on the lips to give it a more nourished and moisturized effect.  It also helps in reviving the lips from dryness, angular cheilitis, stomatitis, or cold sores. Lip balms are usually made up of bee wax, carnauba wax,  camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin, and petroleum, among others. Sometimes lip balms are also used as light colorants in place of lipsticks or lip tints. For such reasons, some varieties of lip balms also contain colorful dyes, flavors,  fragrances, phenol, salicylic acid, and sunscreen.

Lip balms are the go-to solution to repair cracks on the lips during the winter season. These lip balms can be used by both men and women, with the only difference being that lip balms for men come without any colorants. In simple words, the most fundamental reason for using a lip balm is to lock the moisture present on the lips or give it that extra nourishment and protect it from any sort of external exposure. Lips are particularly vulnerable to any change in weather because the skin present on the lips is fragile and sensitive.  Thus lips are mainly to be taken proper care of by both genders regularly.

What is the difference between lip balms and lipsticks?

The most fundamental difference between lip balms and lipsticks is that girls primarily use lipsticks to add color to the lips. The color provided by lipsticks is much more concentrated and often does not taste or fragrance. Lip balms are very different from lipsticks and are usually made out of hydrating oils, emollient fats, and waxes.  The primary use of lip balm is to provide nourishment to the lips.

Lip balms give a wet look to the lip, which usually appears to be glossy. These lip balms are a perfect choice for people who prefer not to use any kind of makeup.  Another primary difference between lipstick and lip balm is that lipstick might come in different textures like matte,  velvety, and glossy, whereas a lip balm is usually glossy in texture.

Lip balms are generally very cost-effective and are much less expensive than lipsticks. It is a very difficult question to answer which is better between these two as it is a very personal choice and depends from one person to another and tastes and preferences.

What are natural or pure lip balms? Are they better?

Natural or pure lip balms are also referred to as organic lip balms.  Pure lip balm is usually chemical-free and comprises healthy substances that are natural and have health benefits. The colorants used in these lip balms are natural as well and are obtained from organic sources. Pure lip balms are better than other lip balms because they have excellent health benefits and do not cause any side effects on the skin.

Some of the best ingredients used in pure lip balms are Bee wax,  cocoa butter,  shea butter,  vitamin C, and vitamin E. Most of these organic lip balms are cruelty-free and eco-friendly, which is better for humans and the environment.  With such benefits, lip balms are considered to be better than any other kind of lip balm available in the market.

Why are other lip balms considered to be not as good as pure lip balm?

Most of the other lip balms that are not pure or organic often contain substances like pesticides, additive petrochemicals, and other harmful chemical dyes used to add colors to the lip balms.  These ingredients can harm the environment as well as the skin of the user. Often one can hear complaints regarding allergies caused by these kinds of lip balms.

Pure Lip Balms

Many brands produce pure and organic lip balms across the globe. Such brands include The Body Shop, L’occitane, Forest Essentials, Daughter Earth, among others. If one does not want to buy a lip balm,  the pure lip balm is also very easily made at home with simple ingredients and a super-easy technique.

To make homemade lip balms, one has to add coconut oil,  bee wax, cocoa butter, and almond oil into a bowl and bring it to a boil. For additional colorants, one might add rose petals for other organic color sources.  Once this mixture is mixed correctly, one can store it and use it as a lip balm.