Top 3 Sectors in Penang to Build a Meaningful Career

In spite of its tiny size, Penang is known as the “Silicon Valley of the East”. It has one of the largest economies in Malaysia and has the ability to provide ample job opportunities. Being the second smallest Malaysian state, it has excellent infrastructure and transportation facilities. The employment opportunities are mostly from the manufacturing and industrial sector. Tourism, finance, agriculture and shipping sector also are responsible for enhancing the economy of the state. Every candidate who interested in making his or her career in Penang can think of it positively as they provide numerous opportunities which improve the lifestyle.
 Looking for the jobs in Penang? How to find? Which sector should we choose? These are the questions which are often faced by the candidates who are in the initial stage of making their career. If you answer is yes to the above questions, then we are here for you to solve the problems and help in building an effective career. Finding a right job for a right person is not easy in this competitive world. So, follow some guiding tips which enable you to take a decision towards the right direction.
 Different sectors provide different opportunities but the question arises which is the best option for you?
 Here, is the list of some of its sector you should consider before applying for the job:
  • Manufacturing sector: The manufacturing sector is always being one of the most contributing sectors of the state. It’s been crucial in the development of the future employment. This has been the backbone of the income generation and more and more candidates are inclining towards it. It includes low-end, labor-intensive assembly operations to export-oriented and capital-intensive industries. It has now extended its wings into knowledge-intensive activities like technological development, research, and development. High in demand and provides handsome salary which attracts the job seekers.
  • BPO sector: Business process outsourcing sector is now reached to new heights and also responsible for contributing to the economy. Not only manufacturing sector but this sector has proved its existence in the state. You can also think of making it a successful career option. Banking, financial services, and insurance are the fastest growing sector in BPO industry. It includes data processing, software development, and customer operations. A graduate can apply for the job as it does not require any high-level education.
  • Service sector: It is also one of the popular sectors of Penang. It has been growing steadily, therefore the employment opportunities are also increasing. The growth of this sector mainly comes from the tourism industry. If you are interested in this particular sector you can apply by uploading your resume to the different companies related to the field. Services-related industries include retail, accommodation, and medical tourism. Medical tourism emerges as an integral part of this sector.
 Searching for the Jobs in Penang? These are different sectors which provide plenty of employment opportunities for the job seekers. In present times, the Internet is easily accessible and in reach of everyone. It has provided you with the wide range of job seeking websites. Candidates have to register on these job portals and upload their resume. If you have required skills and qualifications for the post, you will be automatically notified by the organization through emails and phone calls. In this respect, Monster Malaysia is one of the reliable sources of employment and connects job seekers with their desired career.
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