Vape to Quit Smoking

What a big healthy move it is for courageous tobacco smokers who have at last decided to start investigating the best vape to help them quit smoking.

I’ve always been super excited to work with smokers as I assist them in their journey away from the grip of smoking. Dealing with this issue has been so overwhelming, especially when I meet many of these smokers that have health problems such as bad smell, fatigue, and all the other endless issues that are associated with smoking. Switching to vaping is great for any smoker, and doing so with the best vape in the market is the best thing that can happen to anyone trying to quit smoking.

In this article, I’ll be helping to introduce you to a device that will make quitting smoking not only easier than usual but fun as well. We will begin with a vaping device that is easy to set up and draw, and which comes with maximum flavor and a vapor cloud that is huge and satisfying enough to make cigarette smoking look like the biggest mistake you have ever made in years. Thanks for the decision to leave smoking for something much better and healthier. Now let’s forge ahead on an exploration of best vape device to quit smoking.


The popularity of Juul has risen quite incredibly of recent, and it’s for the same reason it wins a spot among the best vape pens to quit smoking.

The device comes with a rechargeable battery that is designed for a duration of up to 200 puffs in every charge, which is equal to a single full pod. In the package, is a proprietary charger.

With pre-filled pods, the device is amazing for any smoker and especially a beginner. That makes the plug-play system simple and worrying about buying e-liquid is not something to bother about. Each of the Juul flavors comes in a nic strength of 50mg, which is a good reason for any smoker to abandon smoking for it.

So, if you are on the way away from smoking, Juul is the best vape to pick up. It brings a wholesome throat hit.

Lost Vape Orion Quest

The Lost Vape Orion Quest is one of the best vape pod systems to turn to if you want to quit smoking. The unit comes with a full wattage output that reaches 17w, and that is a perfect amount for salt nic (higher nicotine e-liquids).

The battery is internal and has a capacity of 950mAh, enabling you to enjoy it all day. The charging system also takes a micro USB. The pod system has a 1.0 ohm of resistance coil, and that is perfect for a beginner.

The brand, Lost Vape, comes with their popular DNA Box Mods. But the latest Orion Quest is an ideal option for this latest vaper. The design from the manufacturer is so compact that pocketing it is so easy. The LED battery has an indicator light which helps you know exactly when it needs charging.

The pod is made for a 2ml e-juice capacity, and you can fill the pod easily.

All in all, this affordable and flavor-full Lost Vape Orion Q is a pod system that can help you with your struggle to quit smoking.

Aspire Nautilus AIO

Here is a super portable device designed as an all-in-one. The Nautilus AIO by Aspire has all it takes to be among the best vape options.

It comes with a kit, 1 refillable pod, 2 replacement coil heads before the device itself. Being an AIO, the device has an internal battery of 1,000mAh as well as a micro USB system.

The device comprises a 4.5ml capacity which is large, therefore offering you a whole day of vaping without a refill. Its highest wattage output is 12w. The airflow is restricted, making it great for mouth-lung vaping. The design also will have you mimicking traditional cigarettes.

Simple as it is, the Aspire Nautilus AIO performs well and is easily recommendable.

Innokin DV Pod System

The Innokin DV Kit is another excellent vape choice to pick to quit smoking. Its body design is unique compared to others and its most notable feature; the PLEX3D Coil System offers intense flavor.

This pod system uses a built-in 500mAh battery with a micro USB charging system. It comes with a one replacement pod with an e-juice capacity from 2ml to 2.8ml. To quickly fill, you just need to remove its silicone stopper found at the bottom.

All in all, this is yet another excellent choice for any smoker looking to quit. The device comes with 4 varieties of power vape modes that range between 12w – 15w, so if you need a much sturdier vape, the choice is yours to do it that way. Also, there’re multiple safety features built-in, making it a safe choice as well.

Smok Mico Pod System

In the vaping world, smok has so much popularity, and their specialty is starter kits, vape tanks, and vape mods, all designed to satisfy beginners and experienced vapers alike. Good enough, they are affordable.
This ultra-compact and amazing stealth vaping device are among the latest vape pods in the market with their all-in-one design.

Featuring in the Smok’s Mico is a 700mAh battery that comes built-in and takes up to 1.7mls e-juice capacity. Like many top vapes for quitting smoking, this one comes with a draw-activated fire system. No pressing of buttons! Just vape by taking a puff.

This is a great vape unit for a newbie looking to hit a bit higher, and that’s why the Mico has a mesh coil. With a stellar flavor, the product is highly recommended for beginners.

Innokin Endura T18 Vape Pen

The Innokin Endura T18 is a sleek Vape Pen that comes with a simplistic and stylish design alongside captivating colors. It has user-friendly top fill system, that means you need no effort when using it.

The additional steel on the vape tank design makes the device very long-lasting. The safety features are also ideal for their protection.

Its pass-through support charge system helps you use it effectively while also charging.

The 14W power capacity means durable flavor time which everyone one in the vape industry likes. Its high flavor, long-lasting life, and large clouds make it a great candidate in this list of the best vape devices to help you quit smoking.


These are my best list of the vape smokers you can switch to from smoking. I have always advocated for taking big life-changing decisions, and quitting smoking are one of them. With this list, any big and experience smoker can choose to pursue an end to their smoking habit. These are powerful devices that offer great satisfaction.

I will personally suggest that it makes sense to start your smoking quitting journey with a vape that has tobacco flavor if tobacco taste is something you like. It’ll make a good and reasonable start and progress toward other dissimilar flavors later in the experience. A menthol or fruity flavor can also do. A low start with nicotine will be great, and at some point, you will want to vape even nicotine-free pens.

Have a great experience and successful transition from smoking to vaping, for it is one of your healthiest life-saving decisions.