A good number of online payment platforms have emerged over time and they’ve allowed online casinos to provide options to casino gamblers to fund their accounts.

They comprise payment options like debit cards, credit cards, Bitcoin, e-vouchers, and bank wire.

These options have become acceptable means through which players can add money to their accounts and sometimes initiate withdrawals.

You can take advantage of these account funding options at an online casino like Novibet.

Meanwhile, regardless of the availability of these options, some take precedence over the others in terms of popularity, reliability, and security.

Here are three reliable means through which you can fund your online casinos securely and without any hassles:

  1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is gradually carving a niche for itself as the most popular means players use to add money to their online casino accounts. It’s no more news that there has been a spike in the number of reputable online casinos that accept cryptocurrency as a major means of deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Meanwhile, players must first access a BTC Service provider to be able to use Bitcoin. Some notable ones are Copay and

  1. Visa Cards.

Visa card is the biggest card association on earth. They record transactions which worth trillions on a yearly basis. They are another acceptable means of funding accounts at online casinos, as well as other online services.

It allows you to make deposits with no extra fees attached.

  1. MasterCard

It is the second most used credit card for making online transactions. It is also widely accepted among online casinos and enables players to make deposits to their gambling accounts.

There are also no extra fees attached. However, one must understand that Mastercard is not normally offered as a mean through which withdrawal can be made. Therefore it can be utilized for deposits while another option will be used to facilitate withdrawals.