Using Artificial Intelligence in Android Development

AI on Android App Development

This current age of technological revolution is so amazing that it’s bringing us some technologies that we only dreamed of. Those dream technologies are now becoming a reality. One of those technologies is Artificial Intelligence which has become an indispensable option for the success of businesses all over the world.

Navigating through AI-based apps was a bit difficult for users before the advent of voice-based searches. But thanks to artificial intelligence, all the functions like communicating to artificial customers agents and performing voice commands have finally become possible. Artificial Intelligence, when blended with Android development services, gives out some mind-boggling results. Today we will talk about how artificial intelligence has helped android development move further.

AI First

Instead of focusing only on mobile, Google shifted its priorities and talked about becoming more AI focused at last year’s Google I/O conference. At the same event, Google also talked about launching a series of new tools and programs which will make it much more convenient to create artificial intelligence apps for a platform like Android. The Android Jetpack was also a part of this new toolkit. The developers were allowed to use the toolkit right after the conference ended.

Google Assistant

A tool called Slices, which is also a part of the Jetpack, can add UI templates to searches and Google Assistant. This opens up possibilities like creating voice-activated functions for apps. There was an update to Dialogflow as well. It will allow you to start a conversation with your Google Assistant without having to say “Hi, Google”every time. It will also allow you to create custom routines and requests using voice commands.

Machine Learning Kit

The Machine Learning Kit will now be integrated with mobile devices so as to take all the advantage of machine learning of smartphones. APIs will allow including some features like text recognition, image labeling, landmark detection, and face detection. In the near future, there will be many other new features that will be made available to Android users. The ML Kit will actually be distributed as a Firebase Kit.

By analyzing the data stored inside Android apps, AI will be better able to understand user behavior. This is not just the basic Gmail scanning through your e-mail and giving quick reply options. The artificial intelligence will be integrated into Android devices in such a way that they can have a huge and positive impact on the daily lives of the users.

AI for Android

For instance, an AI app for Android is able to calculate the distance you have covered in the number of steps you have taken, the number of flights you have climbed and other physical activities. Now if this app notices that the user is not physically active enough. So it will send a notification to the user informing him that he has not reached his daily goal for physical activities in the day.

In addition to this, if the user adds data like his height and weight, the app is able to create a customized workout plan for the user based on the data recorded in the app. This blend of artificial intelligence with Android apps is a good way of keeping the users active and work more towards leading a healthier life.

Wrap up

This is not it. AI technology is advancing at great speed. There will be many more exciting developments in the near future. Many companies are making efforts to incorporate AI in mobile devices because it is the most effective way to reach users. If you want to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in your existing business then you are required to hire android developers.