Tech Trivia: 3 Differences Between Home and Commercial Electronics

Tech Trivia: 3 Differences Between Home and Commercial Electronics

Many electronics companies have two separate product lines for consumers and for businesses. While the general machines might be similar, there are a few differences that separate the two. If you are considering making a commercial electronics purchase, it’s a good idea to know how these devices tend to be different.

Fewer Features

Typically speaking, commercial electronics are a bit less feature rich than their consumer counterparts. Consumer models are meant to be enjoyed, while commercial models are meant to be workhorses. As such, most commercial models tend to come loaded with only the necessities. In fact, many commercial devices are actually incapable of performing the same functions as similar consumer electronics. On the plus side, though, these commercial devices tend to be much better at performing their designated tasks. It’s a tradeoff that both consumers and business owners tend to be comfortable with, allowing each to get exactly what they want out of their devices.

Commercial Reliability

If there’s a single watchword in the commercial electronics market, it has to be reliability. A commercial device needs to perform its task in exactly the same way every time. While you might not think your consumer devices fail very often, you aren’t putting the same amount of strain on them as a commercial enterprise. That’s why most commercial devices are hardened against wear and tear and make use of industrial cabling made by companies like AvioTech Ltd. to keep up with demand. These devices absolutely have to be at their best all the time, so they’re manufactured to be a bit more rugged.

Design Differences

Commercial products also tend to be designed a bit differently than their counterparts. Generally speaking, commercial units tend to be at least a little less aesthetically pleasing than what you’d find on the market. In most cases, this is to cut down on potential breakage factors. In some cases, though, this is also done to bring down the price. That’s why you’ll find so many commercial units in colors that aren’t quite appealing or that have a slightly different exterior than their consumer counterparts. What’s under the hood is largely the same, but the exterior is made for work.

Commercial electronics will always put function above form. Whether it’s a design change, a different feature set, or a more rugged construction, these devices will always put utility first. If you’re looking for something that’s going to stand up to repeated use, you might want to think about going commercial.