Top Tips: What You Should Do Before You Begin Packing For A Move

Dog in cardboard box in empty house

Moving from one house to another is quite an adventure. However, relocating is also a lot of work, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong if the process hasn’t been thought through. It’s not hard, but there are a lot of moving parts (no pun intended) and a lot of time and money can be lost if the moving doesn’t go as smoothly as you’ve anticipated.

Not to worry, however – it’s all about understanding what relocation is all about, and having a handy checklist ready. Here are the top tips: what you should do before you begin packing for a move.

Plan in advance and start early

  • De-clutter. It’s the perfect time to go through all your stuff and decide whether you want to keep it (and move it) or whether you wish to dispose of it. There are a lot of organisations that would gladly take this off your hands if you decide to get rid of it. You probably own more than you think, so start early and de-clutter in advance.
  • Prepare materials. Once you’ve cleaned and sorted, you can make a better estimate of how many boxes and protective materials (such as bubble wrap) you might need. There’s always a tendency to underestimate the number of boxes you need. Get good quality materials.
  • Go from room to room. Start at the top of the home (the loft, for example) and go through the house room by room. This will allow you to list all items down and label the boxes properly.
  • Make a list and check insurance. You may have sensitive or breakable items – check with insurance to see how they should be transported (and whether or not insurance actually covers them).
  • Pack smart. Place the heaviest objects at the bottom. Clothing, blankets, and other soft materials can double as protective covering.

Have a travel bag handy

You may not be able to unpack everything for a few days, so prepare a travelling bag for the first two nights; consider it a mini-camping adventure.

Here’s another tip – one that will save you a lot of time and frustration during the move and once you start unpacking. As Cheltenham removals experts say, have a system of labeling ready; a system that is personalised for you, one that you understand very well and that will make it clear to everyone exactly what is in the container or box and where it should go in the new house. For example, by colour coding all the items (boxes) that belong in the kitchen, you’ll be able to place them in the right room or area in the house as soon as you arrive, without having to clutter open spaces. Moving is exciting – have fun doing it.