Renting Out Your 2nd Property? Top Characteristics Of A High-Quality Airbnb

Renting Out Your 2nd Property? Top Characteristics Of A High-Quality Airbnb

In order to be considered a high quality Airbnb, you have to offer a unique experience to your guests. You also need to incorporate things that make your home on par with a nice hotel. Here are some of the characteristics that will help you be considered high quality.

Location Is Everything

Having the ideal location will draw in more guests. This means that your second property should be near destinations that attract people. This may mean that it’s near a busy downtown location or close to another tourist attraction. The key to any good hotel is location. This will allow your guests to experience what truly makes your area special. You want to offer a little bit of the local flavor. This will keep your guests coming back.

Space with Amenities

Size and the features that are available are important to guests. Depending on the type of second property that you own, this will dictate the amenities offered. A house can provide a family with the feeling of privacy on their vacation. Make sure to utilize a cleaning service so that your long term guests feel as though their getting the whole package. Maybe you own a condo in a downtown area. Whatever type of property you have, make sure to outfit it in a similar manner as you would your home.

Personal Entertainment Recommendations

Providing your guests with recommendations of things to do can make their stay more unique. Have a list of restaurants and describe the atmosphere and price of each. This will ensure that your guests get what they want when it comes to eating out. Another list to generate is one that has the local entertainment options. List things like musical events or book readings as well as the main draw for your guests. Providing a variety of options can keep all of your guests happy.

Quality Furnishings

Purchase comfortable and quality furnishings. This includes items in the bedroom. Having good quality bedroom furniture can make your Airbnb more desirable. Another thing to provide is a good quality mattress. Many hotels don’t offer a good mattress. This can leave your guests feeling unrested and unhappy with their stay. Just as you would outfit your home, having nicer pieces can improve the quality of the experience for your guests. People choose Airbnb because of the homey feeling of the rentals offered.

In order to be considered a high quality Airbnb you need to think outside of the box. Provide your guests with a homelike atmosphere and a unique experience.