How To Lengthen The Lifespan Of Your Home Espresso Machine? 3 Awesome Tips

How To Lengthen The Lifespan Of Your Home Espresso Machine? 3 Awesome Tips

When you have recently purchased a home espresso machine, you would be delighted and very much eager to give it a try. If you want to make this toy of yours live longer, then you might want to follow proper precautions and keep in mind some points discussed in the following section. A good espresso coffee is a nice way to start off your day ahead.

It is often seen that, people do not take much care in the maintenance of such appliances which further results in its short life time. When this happens, the general practice is to blame the manufacturer or retailer. But with some precautions from your side, great differences can be made to make your machine work better.

Without these proper steps taken even machines having limited use become non functional in a matter of months. I have seen some great tips on cleaning Espresso Machine here at Getacoffeemaker. So in this article, I am providing some important tips that may stand up to the task of providing a longer lifespan for your espresso machine.

3 Tips to Ensure Longer Life for Your Home Espresso Machine

Tip 1:

After each use, it is necessary to ensure proper cleanliness of the machine. This can be done by removing and separately washing all removable parts of the machine. A proper cleansing should be done and no traces or stains should be left on the machine. It is also important to dry these parts properly before putting it back to avoid other issues. Otherwise, it may result in the formation of fungus or molds. Thus proper cleansing of the home espresso machine is necessary to ensure its proper functioning and longer lifespan.

Tip 2:

There may also be parts that are not detachable from the machine. Make sure that you give a proper cleansing to these parts also. The designs of these machines vary depending on the brand or model and some may have depressions or holes in which, coffee or some particles can persists. Make sure to properly clean and wipe these areas to avoid the development of harmful fungi or bacteria.

Tip 3:

Frequent or periodic flushing is necessary to ensure longer lifespan for your home espresso machine. This process of complete flushing of the machine needs to be done at least once in every month. This is done to properly wash areas like cracks and depressions and other regions that cannot be easily cleansed.

How to Flush

Flushing is simply the process by which you use normal water in place of the coffee ingredients so that the water can remove any traces of the coffee or its powder left from previous uses. The water drips from the machine and washes away the undesirable stains left while making espresso coffee. If you have thoroughly cleaned the machine, the product at the end would be clean or clear water as there are no residues to wash off.

If after a cycle of flushing, the water turned into some brown or coffee color, then the whole process needs to be repeated till clear water is the end product.

Thus, if you own a home espresso machine and hope to keep or use it for very long time, then proper cleaning is the best and only option to ensure this. You can adopt any method of cleaning that can help you maintain your machine in the best possible condition.


If you are successfully carrying out all these steps in the best way possible, then you are guaranteed a proper functioning espresso machine with a proper life span. You may also want to use the right coffee powder to prevent other undesirable effects. This way you can be sure to get best results from your home espresso machine.

Source: Get a Coffee Maker