Don't Run In the Road! 4 Key Improvements to Make Your Home Safer for Kids to Play Outdoors

If you have children or grandchildren, then you know how important it is for them to play outside. While it is always important to properly supervise children, there are some things you can do to make your property safer. Here are some things you will want to consider to increase the safety of your property.

Use Child-friendly Plants

Whether you use a professional landscaper or do the work yourself, you will want to remove all plants that could possibly hurt children if they come near them. Then, increase the beauty of your yard by planting child-friendly plants. Make sure that the plants you choose do not grow too tall as they may block your view of the child when he or she is playing. All your chosen specimens should be non-toxic because children love to put everything in their mouths. Finally, choose a grass species that is soft to land on allowing children to have fun tumbling on it.


If your driveway or walkway is uneven, then you need to have it replaced. If the base is still in great shape, then you can simply resurface it. Otherwise, you need to have a residential paving contractor dig it out and replace the entire structure. If this is the case, then make sure that you choose a base that is strong enough to support the asphalt or concrete and that it is designed so that water will drain away properly.

Install Additional Lighting

Getting home late from ball practices and other activities, often mean that children may be in your yard late at night. Increase the chances that they will not fall by installing additional lighting. Rope lights hung in trees allows everyone to see their branches. Think about lighting up any steps and the sidewalk naturally by using solar lights.

Build a Fence

Building a fence around your property ensures that no one can get excited and run into the street while playing. If you have any water activities, like a swimming pool or water fountain, then fence in that area separately. Choose a fencing material that is not easy for children to climb. Additionally, make sure that if there are slats are close enough together that little ones cannot squeeze through.
Taking these steps can help keep children safe around your home. Many of them will also help keep you safer. Remember that it only takes a second for something bad to happen, so protect them today.