How To Get Blessed With Good Height?

After entering the college life, there is a sense of freedom, as you are now considered a fully-grown adult. During this time, most people attain their maximum height too. For most of us, after 18 years of age, gaining height becomes tough.  Well, we will tell you how you could increase your height even after 18.
Here are some easy and natural tips:

Workout Plan

Sweating out in the gym or at home, both are great ways to not only shed those extra pounds, but also to increase your height. However, it is important to chalk out a workout plan and stick to it. Make sure that you give place to stretching, swimming, cycling and skipping in the workout plan. These are simple yet very effective height increasing exercises. Stand on your toes and stretch your body, learn breathing techniques, as these are good techniques to increase your height.

Practice Yoga

Yoga gives you physical and mental strength. Thus, making it a part of your workout plan will help you perform stretching and breathing exercises easily. It will also help you relieve tensions and worries. Here is a list of some must to include yoga postures in your daily exercise regimen:

  • Cobra pose (Bhujangaasana)
  • Tree pose (Vrksasana)
  • Pleasant pose (Sukhasana)
  • Triangle pose (trikonasana)
  • Mountain pose (Talasana)

In addition to all these postures, do include Surya Namaskar for overall well-being.

Eat a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Forget those surgeries that promise to lengthen limbs, instead eat a diet rich in all the essential nutrients. Foods containing minerals, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, fiber, phosphorous help increase height. Stay from junk and highly processed foods. Include milk, carrots, fish, oatmeal, potatoes, eggs, lean meat, soybeans, green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Eat Frequent Meals

Blessed are those who have a good metabolism, as it helps in many ways. Yes, it even increases your height. For those unfortunate ones, they could boost their metabolism by eating meals frequently. Follow “Six meals a day” plan and enjoy healthy metabolism. Taking healthy meals at proper intervals will lead to less fat deposition in the body and it will eventually help in increasing your height also. Moreover, following such a plan will ensure absorption of vital minerals and vitamins in the body.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Nobody could deny that genes are largely responsible for height, but we also cannot deny the fact that a sound sleep is important for overall growth and development of the body. Quality sleep ensures that you enjoy a healthy body and mind. It is said that body grows and regenerates tissues when one is sleeping. Therefore, if your sleep cycle is proper, you will enjoy a good height. If one believes scientists, a growth hormone in the human body that is responsible for height control, is produced during sleep only.

Proper Posture

Drooping down or bending can cause your spinal cord to curb the normal height growth. A right posture on the other hand, not only straightens your spine, but also helps in increasing height.

Get Proper Supply of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for healthy bone growth, so make sure you receive your daily dose by basking in the sunlight. However, avoid harsh sunrays or excessive sun exposure. A smart tip here would be to go out and bask in sunlight during early morning or evening hours.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Water helps to flush out the toxins from our body and boosts metabolism. As we have already discussed that a poor metabolism could deter your height thus, drinking enough water will help in healthy metabolism. Nutritionists affirm that even if you eat a right diet and follow a daily workout plan, you might not achieve the desired result if you do not intake enough water.

Say no to Growth-inhibitors

It is easy to be misled by those extensively marketed growth-inhibitors when you want to grow tall. However, instead of making you tall, they make you lazy and inactive. Therefore, it is safe to indulge in the above-mentioned natural ways to increase your height.
Moreover, chuck out the butt and alcohol from your life today if you want to enjoy a good height and keep healthy.
These were some of the very easy-to-follow ways to increase height naturally. Hope, you are going to follow them.

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