Beat the Heat With Metro Travel Facilitated By Metro Recharge

metro recharge

It is hot and humid in most parts of the country these days. Either it’s too sultry hot or it’s raining cats and dogs. Either way, you have the chance of ending up caught in the middle of a bad traffic jam on the road, the weather making things more unbearable and insipid. Hence it is better to take the metro train whenever you need to travel within your city limits.

metro recharge

Typically when you travel by metro you can do so by the following methods:-

  1. Buy a token that is suitable for a single side journey. Depending on the destination station you can purchase a token that is valid only for that day.  The amount that needs to be paid can be enquired at the token counter or you can look it up at the token table.
  2. A smart card or the travel card. This is the best option for the regular traveler. The card is bought by paying a minimum amount of Rs.100/ – of which Rs. 50/- is the security deposit that is refundable on returning the card. The best part about this travel card is that it can be topped-up by simple steps online or at the card counter. This is called the metro recharge. Recharge can be done in multiples of Rs. 50/- and has a maximum limit. Metro recharge can be done online to save time as standing in the queue to physically recharge the smart card can consume lots of time. After recharging online, the passenger needs to top-up the card by presenting it at one of the ticket vending machines or ticket reading machines kept at all metro stations.
  3. Tourist card.  This card can be bought by tourists visiting the city –those who would use the metro during their duration of stay there. It also has a security deposit attached to it – the amount is returned on returning back the card. Other than that this card can be bought for a validity period ranging from a single day to a couple of days. For this type of card, no metro recharge facility is available.

Why is online metro recharge better than getting it done at the smart card counter?

One of the main reason why online is better is that you are able to save time. Queues can be long and slow-moving on weekdays especially during rush hours. In this fast-paced world, who has the time to stand in such lengthy queues and waste time? If you need to travel during office hours – morning or evening – your chances of getting the card recharged instantly is minimal.

Everyone accesses internet these days through their smartphones, laptops, tablets or personal computers. It is no more the case that you need to visit a cyber café or any other place to access the internet. And since metro recharge can be done from any device that connects to the internet, this is an easier method – more comfortable and gets over in minutes.