AidaForm Online Form Builder: Intuitively Create Unique Online Forms

Online forms can be used in an almost endless number of ways. Some of the more popular types of ways in which they are used nowadays is for newsletter sign-ups, event registrations, surveys, feedback, online order and payment, job applications, contests, and much more.

If you’d like to start using online forms in any shape or form – first you need to be able to create them. That is an area that AidaForm can be immensely helpful in, as it will let you intuitively create any type of form that you require.

Assemble Online Forms Quickly Per Your Requirements

Using AidaForm will provide you with the means to quickly assemble online forms using building blocks that can be customized with different types of fields. Its versatile graphical interface will make it easy for you to structure the form that you want in an intuitive manner, and you won’t need to write a single line of code in the process.

The design of your form can be customized just as intuitively, allowing you to change its appearance based on your preferences. For a website form you can use AidaForm to customize its design so that it fits in with the overall web design itself.

By providing you with the means to adjust the structure and design of the online forms you create, AidaForm will let you create a wide range of different types of forms – including all the ones listed previously. Simply put it will cater to all your needs when it comes to creating forms to publish on your website, social media, or anywhere else that you need to.

Important Features

In order to ensure that you have everything you need to create and share a variety of different types of forms, AidaForm’s features will enable you to:

  • Quickly create online forms using templates or select one to use as a starting point then customize it further.
  • Add numerous types of fields including dates, multiple choice questions, signature fields, lists, file uploads, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, and more.
  • Stylize the forms that you create using customizable themes and adjust its appearance as necessary.
  • Link directly to the form on your website or social media, or copy and paste the automatically generated HTML code to publish it.
  • Evaluate the data that you gather using the informative visualizations in the web interface.
  • Export data as Excel or Google Sheets documents to use them in other software, process the data, or share it with others.
  • Utilize the built-in integrations with MailChimp and Zapier to expand your options further.

Based on these features you should be able to see just how helpful AidaForm can be. The best part is that as a free online form builder there’s really no risk involved, so you can try it out and start creating forms almost immediately. In fact if you want to build any type of online form you should give it a go right now and see what it can do firsthand.