Why Eyesare The Most Important Feature

Eyesare the Most Important Feature

The eye is the part of the body that enables you read the back of a sugar pack, see the colors of the rainbow and see objects heading your way. From the time you wake up to the time you sleep, the eye stays awake with you all along. It lets you cry when you are sad and self protects itself using tears. They take the whole load of information that are sent to the brain for interpretation. So it’s the eyes that enable your body get to know what is happening outside. This organ works in reaction to pressure and light energy; it allows vision. It is the cones and the rod in the retina that allows the transmission of information to the brain of differentiated colors and the depth of the object being focused.

The eyes are in the social life used by friends to detect your moods and slight changes are easily read on the eyes. The beauty of the face is iced by the eyes and that is why in the modern days, eye makeup ideas are on the rise. The eyebrows perplexes beauty. The following are the reasons why the eye is the most important feature:

1. Distinction from others

The eye and especially the eyebrows makes one unique. You have seen people identify others with just the eyes awhile the rest of the face is hidden. Different people have different sizes of the eyes and even those with an almost similar size, the eye shape differs. The eyes distinguishes the face such that a keen look at a set of eyes would lead to easy identification of a person. The eyebrows are not the same such that some have thick eyebrows while others have little or none. The eye lashes also differ in thickness. The eyes are the features that make you look the way you are.

2. Supports the appearance of the face

The eyes match the facial features of a person. The eyebrows may seem not really important but they give the face a blending feature. Sometimes, they may actually take the lead such that then face complement the face rather than the vice versa. This is why some people are identified with their eyebrows as it stands out as a prominent feature. For some people, the eyes take the center stage thus it becomes their trade mark. There have been insinuations that men love women with big eyes. For perfect beauty eye makeup ideas, they go hand in hand with facial makeup.

3. Eyes express emotions

The eyes are the first feature that you notice in a person. A glance at the eye of a person can tell what is deep within. Eyes are used for understanding what is in the mind and heart of another person even without having talked to them. It’s the eyes that will make you know someone is sad, elated or angry even before they utter a word. No wonder it is said the eyes mirror the heart.

4. Makes social living interesting

When you are talking to a person you look into their eyes not the hands, legs or even the mouth that is talking. The eyes therefore are the agents of a social bond. It’s the eyes that will tell you whether whoever you are talking to is interested in what you are saying or not. Different sparkles and colors of the eye gives different meanings.

5. Sense of sight

Together with the other senses of the body, the eyes enable us to learn about the world and its habitats and components. The eyes are useful in daily activities such as driving, reading, watching and many other things. Vision greatly improves the quality of life.

6. Windows to our soul

The eyes defines what you are, what your way of life is and how you live life. An ever serious person is betrayed by the yes. The seriousness of what one is saying is backed up by the stern look in their eyes. The closeness of people can be told afar by how they look at each other. Affection towards a person is confirmed from the eyes. Perception of different things is perceived by the eyes and interpreted by the brain. This is the reason why beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


Eyes are an important feature of the body because all we do with the other parts of the body apart from the internal ones is effected by the eyes. Using your legs, hands and several other organs when walking or working is made possible by the eyes. The eyes further act as the dashboard of the face; they define a person.