4 Online Resources To Help Prepare You For A Career In Education

A career is education is tremendously rewarding, and many teachers love their jobs, their students and their lifestyles. The demand for education is always high, and training the future leaders of the world is always a rewarding experience. Further, teachers can head home after work and truly feel that they are having an impact. Succeeding as a teacher, however, requires work outside of the classroom, and proper preparation is necessary to teach as well as possible. When beginning a career in education, it is important to start preparing as early as possible. Here are four online resources to help prepare future teachers for their jobs.
PBS Teachers
Veteran teachers will espouse the importance of having great lesson plans, and it always helps to start forming plans as early as possible. PBS Teachers is a resource dedicated to giving students a multimedia experience in the classroom that is both educational and engaging. Students are increasingly looking for alternatives to books and lectures, and PBS supplies great lesson ideas pertaining to current events, technology and other areas that are sure to capture the attention of students. By using their resources, future teachers can equip themselves for 21st century classrooms.
If there is one thing teachers can never have enough of, it’s printable resources. Engaging the attention of students requires visual aids, and having enough to keep an entire lesson exciting is important for keeping their attention. These resources used to be expensive, and teachers often had to spend their own money to access them. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easy to find useful printable material. abcteach has over 6,000 items that can be downloaded and used during lectures. In addition, they have a wide selection of clip art for teachers to incorporate in their original material. When looking for items to print and clip art to make presentations more exciting, abcteach is a great place to start.
K12 Lesson Plans
The Internet is a great way to give students a clearinghouse for all of the information they need for a class, and K12 Lesson Plans gives teachers an interface to communicate with students and share information. With an easy interface and advanced capabilities, K12 Lesson Plans is a great place to share homework information, important documents and helpful explanations. In addition, it allows teachers to create online quizzes that can give teachers the ability to spend more time honing their lesson plans and less time grading homework. With portals for parents, K12 Lesson Plan is an integrated solution that makes dealing with homework far easier.
Worksheet Works
Some students struggle learning certain concepts, and teachers sometimes have difficulty finding extra material that may be able to help. Worksheet Works is a resource that contains interactive worksheets that can be used to help students learn certain concepts. By incorporating them in lesson plans and showing students which worksheets to try, teachers can help their students get the extra help they need and reinforce important concepts. With math, grammar and geography lessons, Worksheet Works is a great way to help students learn in an enjoyable manner.

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