10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

Good grooming is a manifestation of self-respect and discipline. It’s not vanity or narcissism to keep a presentable appearance. When a man looks good, he feels good. A neat appearance gives him that extra ounce of confidence that he needs for daily interactions. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology stated that men’s confidence played an important role on how competent they were perceived by others. Confident men “would have higher status” in society. When a confident man walks into a room, everybody turns their head.

A good appearance also helps a man create a good first impression. Dr. Albert Mehrabian of UCLA found that 55% of initial impressions are based on visual image alone. If a man projects a good image through his appearance, he will be regarded from a good light. For men who want to harness the power of good physical appearance, here are some tips to get started.

Detoxify from within

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

A healthy diet will go a long way in helping any man stay fit. Keep away from junk food and carbs that do more harm to the body than good. Instead, choose food that nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals. Men who include superfoods like beans, nuts, berries, grains, eggs, milk, yogurt, soy, and lean meat in their diet are healthier than men who don’t. Taking fiber-rich and antioxidant-rich food will also make a difference. Having a good night sleep also provides benefits to your body, heart, and a healthy weight. Keep in mind that before a good physical appearance can be formed, one must first nourish the body from within.

Maintain a good physique

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

Men’s appearance are generally a good indicator of their attractiveness. If they have a good physique, they are more likely to be confident about themselves. To keep a good form, physically-fit men usually visit the gym. But that is just one way to do it. For those who don’t like working out in a public place, they can still do some regular exercises at home. The increase in blood flow alone that exercise brings can give any man a mood boost.

Keep your body clean

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

These days, cleanliness is the mark of manliness. It’s not grease and grime that define how manly a man is. Keeping one’s appearance neat and clean is actually a bigger statement than anything else. For the sake of proper hygiene, men should shower every day—at least twice if they’re working out. Also, nails should be trimmed every week. A man doesn’t have to get a manicure or pedicure to keep his nails clean. With a clipper, he can do the cleaning himself. Dental hygiene is also as important. Brushing the teeth is not always enough; flossing usually seals the deal. And another tip: always put deodorant on. Whether it’s a regular stick, a roll-on or a spray can, as long as it keeps the sweating at bay, use it.

Don’t hesitate to use skin products

Skin products are not made entirely for women. Whether they like it or not, men need to invest in their skin’s appearance, too. Men who use moisturizer and face cream are not metrosexual, they’re just aware of the inconveniences of having dry skin and the benefits of maintaining young, moisturized skin. Choosing the right shampoo, too, is a smart move for men who want to improve their appearance. Using anti-dandruff shampoo over the regular ones pays off in the long run. Nobody wants to be around a guy who’s shedding off dead skin every now and then. Skin care products are a good investment that lasts for a long time.

Watch your posture

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

Nothing says “I’m confident” better than a good posture. Of all the tips on how to boost men’s confidence, this one is by far the most effective. Standing up straight is a powerful body posture that alters a man’s internal state and makes him feel more confident. On the other hand, slouching results to a hunchback posture that leaves a man looking unattractive. The way a man poses actually determines his superiority within a group. Straightening the spine can make a man seem more dominant and more competent.

Wear a good hairstyle

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

A man’s hair is truly his crowning glory. Lately, a handful of hair trends for men has emerged as a result of men’s growing awareness of how they look. This year, especially, hairstyles are becoming popular everywhere. There’s the high-fade pompadour that’s taking over the younger millennials. It’s a jazzy hairstyle that is fashionable in a masculine sense. Of course, there is still the classic taper and the crew cut, which are the definitive hair trends for men over 30. The Ivy League haircut is also in this year. Other new hairstyles that made the list are the longer hair with short sides and the comb-over hairstyle, which both have a breezy feel to them. Whatever the hairstyle, as long as the man is comfortable wearing it, is just as fine as any other.

Grow facial hair

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

A 2013 study conducted by the University of New South Wales found that “facial hair makes men seem more mature and masculine as well as more dominant and aggressive.” This is why facial hair boosts men’s confidence. A beard or a moustache is not very common today although it has significantly grown popular over the years. A strong beard is an attention-grabber that gives the wearer a commanding presence.  The influence of having facial hair is so potent that even men who can’t grow it naturally are joining the trend by heading off to the nearest hair transplant clinic.

Refurbish your wardrobe

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

A man doesn’t have to shell out a million dollars to get the million-dollar look. By investing in clothes that complement his features, he can look and feel great. Of course, to do this, he has to know a little about the current fashion trends. For instance, instead of white tees, he can wear henleys, which are the new hip look. Fifteen minutes of research on the Internet can help him find what’s trendy.

Invest in good shoes

10 Lifestyle Hacks That Give Men The Confident Poise

There are two main reasons why men should wear good shoes: comfort and confidence. Shoes of the good kind are typically hand-tailored to maximize quality. They do not only make a man more appealing, they also make him feel more comfortable. Wearing good shoes is one of the most important appearance tips that boost men’s confidence. Good shoes are a good investment because they set the line between an average-looking man and a man who kills it with great footwear.  

Let your thoughts gravitate to the positive side

The most obvious but least acknowledged solution that boosts confidence in men is positive thinking. Reminiscing thoughts from the past or visions for the future are actually helpful techniques. Any thought that effects a positive feeling can be a confidence booster.

All these tips can be helpful in making a man look his best. When a man knows that he’s pulling a great appearance, his confidence spikes up, making him better oriented in dealing with the outside world.