Men Can Do Serious Bling And Still Be Macho

A too-open shirt, a hairy chest and a pendant spells romantic ruination for unsuspecting males. The secret to wearing men’s jewellery is to carry it off with style, flair and understated panache. Here are some tips:

Wristbands Are Cool

Lots of celebrities, including Princes William and Harry, have been seen sporting charity wristbands. One of the most popular and spied on everyone from cricketing to rock stars is the familiar red and two blues of the Help for Heroes emblem. It has become more than acceptable in all walks of life to show support for causes by wearing their wristband. Festival goers often like to wear their entry wristbands long after the event is over, as a signifier of their music-loving and carefree personality. With wristbands being so acceptable now, top designers have come on board to create more durable and attractive versions. Plaited leather is a manly and sturdy alternative to the cloth or plastic of the usual types. Embossed with a delicate silver emblem or logo these can be discretely sentimental. A bangle is another good shape for a man’s wrist as it can be adapted to fit. Either silver or gold will look good against a tanned forearm.

Cufflinks Are Old-School But Classy

Nothing says well-dressed like a beautifully pressed shirt where the cuffs are held by links not buttons. A stand-by of men’s jewellery since time immemorial there are now hundreds of witty, personalised, comedic or customised examples to choose from, as well as the more traditional sober and sensible ones. This is a safe way to express your individuality without going over the top. If travelling away on business, cuff links gifted by a family member can be a sweet reminder of their affection for you whilst you are away from them.


Most men will wear at least one ring, but here, as in other areas of male decoration, the motto should be Less is More. A handful of oversized, chunky and garish knuckle-dusters is not a serious statement. It is all right if you happen to be a famous rapper, if not, don’t go there. A handsome watch is a prerequisite and will draw attention to your hands, but the effect will be spoiled if they are overloaded with gems. Hands are symbolic of capability and confidence, they do work, sign cheques, make firm handshakes. Keep your rings clean as well, as this also reflects on your personal habits. A beautiful ring which is tarnished suggests poor overall hygiene. Most unattractive.


A single male earring is a strong statement and suggests somebody who is at ease in their own skin and happy to express themselves. It is obviously an arty manifestation of masculinity and nobody should attempt to wear an earring unless they truly have the confidence to carry it off. Acotis Diamonds currently have an impressive earring on their website which would suit a theatrical gentleman or someone in the creative industries. Gone are the days when only gangsters or con men wore men’s jewellery. The Metropolitan Man has earned the right to adorn himself; the trick to getting it right is to balance well-chosen pieces with smart and complementary clothing and never to overwhelm.

Max Fortuna is a stylist who has worked for several A List celebrities. He also writes for a variety of men’s magazine. Max is a fan of Acotis Diamonds and goes there for his own personal jewellery requirements.