Create A Marketplace On – How Do It?

You can create a marketplace website online by yourself but professionals will make it faster and safer – the choice is yours. The main thing to consider all the “pros and cons”, and not delay the start of your project.

During the last couple of years marketplaces become one of the most common types of startup. Millions of people (no exaggeration), buy and sell using various sites. Ecommerce is trending now, so it’s time join in this run of startups. Let’s find out a little about how easy it is to create a marketplace on

First you need to clearly understand that marketplace site isn’t just a huge store. This is a multi vendor collection of shops, where customers can walk around and view the products of several different sellers. Marketplace has three different functions: b2b, b2c, c2c. This format solves several tasks:

  • Giving suppliers the opportunity to create own stores.
  • Providing vendors to download their physical or digital products.
  • Get commission as a benefit from transactions.

On that basis, building market used to cost tens (even hundreds) thousands of dollars. But now everyone, even not rich people can make their own market. You have two ways to choose from.

How to create an online marketplace on your own

Use free open-source ecommerce platform like OpenCart or/and some available software. Their price ranges from $60 or more (depending on the script). In total, you will need one or two plug-in and a nice visual theme. For example, you can use wordpress plugin Easy Digital Downloads (it’s free), extensions for EDD like Pippin, and the template like Marketify . You can buy these products with open source. But the result will depend on the work which you have to do yourself. If you don’t have deal with web-development and e-commerce before – something will be difficult.

Pay attention to such challenges that should not be ignored:

  1. Usability of your website. You must have seen websites where the lists of search options and settings are huge. They are so bulky that it is impossible to use them. Not share this mistake, please.
  2. The reliability of each seller. You must be sure that these people are reliable and they sell only permitted items. Control the selling so it does not become the area of illegal goods.
  3. Determination of commission fees. It is necessary to track sales and pay for them.
  4. Customize Reviews, Wish lists, loyalty bonus system for buyers and for sellers.

Thus you will build original marketplace or clone another trading platform. But is it possible to make it easier?

Start with

When you want to build a house for your family – you refer to the best builder. So, when you need to build quality marketplace for your success – address to tribe of a professional website builders. We develop e-marketplace since 2012. Rademade can create successful web page, mobile app with excellent design for customers around the world. Our main goal – to build successful project. Regardless of the direction that you choose – booking, healthcare, food, travel, p2p or another – we will help you to open and develop your product. We offer you not just a tool or set of components like “do it yourself”. We ready to give you the minimal viable product with unquestionable functionality. With Rademade you will check the value of your idea and appreciate its perspective. Starting and growing with high-quality, professional marketplace.

A lot of peer to peer marketplaces will be developed in the next years. Focus on customers and understanding their needs – this is the key to success and long-term development. It’s time to start.