Do You Know What Your Handbag Says About You?

The bag that you carry can say a lot about you as a person. Whether you choose a trendy of-the-moment bag, a vintage bag, or a classic bag, you are projecting an image of yourself as a person to others. If you want to project a specific image, it is important to know what your bag is saying about you to others. Use this guide to help discover what your bag says about you, and how you can change the way others see you simply by changing your handbag style.
Classic bag
The classic handbag is a more structured bag that is resistant to trends. Usually, the women who carry these bags are no-nonsense and simply want to carry the essentials around in one place.
Pros: Most classic bags have pockets for everything you need throughout the day. The classic styling will remain in style for many years, preventing the need for a new bag purchase.
Cons: These bags can often look boring. You may be seen as a less-fashionable person because you avoid the popular trends of the day.

Laptop bag
This bag is a combo handbag and laptop bag, perfect for the business woman on the go. These bags vary in size, depending on the size of the computer pocket. Some of these bags are more functional than stylish.
Pros: This bag can carry everything you need for work in one place. The structured bag is perfect for giving off a professional vibe. You always know your computer is safe.
Cons: These bags can feel heavy from the weight of the computer. Often, the bags are not large enough for other office-day essentials, like lunch or gym clothes, which mean you have to also carry a separate bag.
A clutch is the smallest bag perfect for carrying the essentials. Typically, a clutch is reserved for special events where you want to look elegant but still have your wallet and phone on hand.
Pros: You are not weighed down with a huge bag at a party. The tiny clutch is easy to carry around and even dance with.
Cons: Most clutches do not have a wrist strap, which means you will always have something in your hand. Most clutches are hardly big enough for a phone and a tube of lipstick, which can be a problem.

The tote bag is the ultimate casual bag. Generally, if you carry a tote bag you either have children or do not care about fashion at all. In the workplace, a tote bag is an extremely casual look.
Pros: Tote bags are inexpensive and washable. You can carry a large amount of stuff in them, even stinky gym clothes and shoes.
Cons: These bags are too casual for most offices, and they usually don’t have pockets. The lack of pockets makes it difficult to find anything inside the bags.
Vintage bag
Vintage bags are popular right now, thanks to Mad Men and other vintage shows. You can find these bags at thrift stores or in your grandmother’s closet. These bags are often well made and made of high-quality materials.
Pros: You will stand out with a vintage bag. The bag says you care about tradition and would prefer to follow classic styles and looks than the latest trends.
Cons: These bags tend to fall apart easily due to age. If the bag was expensive, you might not want to take it with you everywhere. There are no pockets for modern items like cell phones. Usually the bags are too small to carry more than a few items.
Trendy, cheap bag
The trendy, cheap bag is the latest bag you picked up at a discount store. Typically, the trendy bags encapsulate the latest styles and colors popular that season. The materials used to make the bag are cheap, and it is usually noticeable that you are carrying an inexpensive bag.
Pros: These bags are so inexpensive that you can have several at a time. They are also disposable, which makes them ideal for taking everywhere you go. No worries about investing in a trend that may die- when the next trend rolls around you can just purchase a new bag with those details.
Cons: These bags are cheap, and look it. If you want to broadcast a professional vibe, then the latest trendy bag is probably not a good choice.
Follow this guide and you will never fall into the trap of giving off an image with your handbag, that you do not want to present!

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