Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Even if tiny homes are not your thing, you cannot be left unimpressed when seeing what creativity can come from finding storage solutions in tiny spaces.

Storage Solutions For Small Spaces


Who can resist wanting to put shelves under the stair space? It is discreet, utilizes existing space, and can very often be closed off in one way or another.


You cannot have enough shelving in the kitchen. Your main purpose in a small kitchen is to keep the counters clear. Closed cupboards below and light duty shelving above can create a clean, industrial look and ensure an uncluttered space.


Never underestimate the recess in a wall of any room. This is almost always a place that is calling out for shelving. By merging design detail with a chest of drawers that has been sunken into an alcove in the bedroom, storage becomes beautiful within its invisibility. Alcoves on either side of a fireplace or a central beam are ideal for book shelves. These can easily become a modern-looking DIY project with shelving from a supplier such as The same can be installed in a bedside recess.

Rattan Baskets

These are available in every shape and size. They fit onto shelves, create uncluttered surfaces, and look very attractive. If you find the correct size and shape, you can maximise your shelving space by stacking them or simply leaving them side by side.

Under the Bed

No small house is worth its name if it does not make use of under bed storage space. Raised beds have additional space underneath that is great for stashing things. Storage boxes and drawers on castors can provide solutions to a cluttered room. If the property market is getting you down, it may be easier than you think to live in a tiny house to get on the property ladder.

Corridor Wardrobes

The rule book does not compel you to have your wardrobe in the bedroom. If your space is limited and you have a corridor, don’t hesitate to make use of this space by putting the wardrobe there.

Shelving Above the Door

Leave no space wasted. A novel shelf above your doorway can act as an out-of-sight bookshelf or even for things you don’t use very often.

Finding clever ways of storing your goods can help you to unclutter your home in a clever and stylish fashion.