Features That Will Make Your Biker Vest Look Intriguing!

Designed as an apparel item that is supposed to offer maximum protection to the rib cage, chest and abdomen, a biker vest has a more subtle stylish significance as well. Worn in summer and spring, these sleeveless vests are light weight and can therefore, be slipped on and taken off quite easily.
Although black is the most prominent color when it comes to traditionally designed leather vests, maroon, brown, beige and off-white vests are also in vogue these days. Fashion experts claim that for creating a stylish impact, the color of the vest should coincide either with the color of the boots or the pants! Moreover, dangling earrings and bracelets will also look gorgeous with an expertly engineered leather vest.
For individuals who want to add an intriguing aura to their leather vest, the following tips will come in quite handy.
1)      Front Zippered Closure
Although most vests are lined with high quality stainless steel buttons, some of the more unique versions of motorcycle vests have front zippered closures that will serve to facilitate the biker in wearing and taking off the vest with minimum effort.  Moreover, front zippered closures also add a sleek look to the vest thereby making it appear more intriguing.
2)      Side Lacing
It is noteworthy that side lacing adds a cowboy-like look to any motorcycle vest thereby granting it a rustic and sturdy appearance. Moreover, side lacing looks both feminine and masculine and is therefore, insanely popular amongst men and women bikers.
Furthermore, side lacing also provides additional size adjustment thereby providing state of the art fitting; this optimal fitting will make the biker appear sleek and truly unique!
3)      Silver Metal Hardware
Some leather vests designed for street bikers and punks are encrusted with intriguingly carved rivets and studs. For enhancing the vests’ durability, the decorative silver metal hardware encrusted on the vest is made of high quality, rust-resistant chrome thereby making the vest appear both pragmatic and sophisticated!
4)      Comfortable Fitting
Tightly fitted vests not only make the wearer feel uncomfortable but also serve as a major hindrance to the free movement of the upper torso. Therefore, while shopping for a leather vest, make sure you opt for one that fits you comfortably i.e. it’s neither too tight nor too loose.
For riders who reside in colder regions, a comfortably fitted vest affords ample space for wearing a full-sleeved cotton or woolen underneath the vest in order to ward off the chilly impact of cold weather!
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