How Can You Turn Your Mobile Into Your Personal Financial Advisor?

How Can You Turn Your Mobile Into Your Personal Financial Advisor?

A few subtle lifestyle improvements can leave visible dents on your finance. You can’t always go running to a personal financial advisor for help at the eleventh hour. Sometimes you need to plan for the rainy days in advance. But just in case, you have made a few bad purchasing decisions and you are struggling with personal loan management, you can turn to mobile applications for help.

Finance apps for mobile users can help you calculate your total payable, EMI and consolidation options without much ado. There are quite a few mobile app options and these include apps for both Android and iOS.

How Can You Turn Your Mobile Into Your Personal Financial Advisor?

Here’s a list of the best finance apps from both worlds to help you out of a sticky situation –

  • Avant – online personal loans and credit

This is a one of a kind app that can manage all your personal loans, the interest rates and EMIs at one go. This is a free app for iOS 8.0+ users. At the moment it is only available in English and the 2.4.2 version comes with updated bug fixes as well.

  • Loan Calculator – auto, Bank and Personal loans

You can now manage all your loan payments with just one iOS app. The Loan Calculator can help you calculate your monthly payments for your credit card, automobile loans, mortgage and personal loans. This app is compatible with iOS 7+ devices. It will also help you estimate the consolidation loan required to help you out of the myriads of small and large loans you may be tackling at the moment.

  • OneMain – Personal & Auto Loans

If you are struggling with multiple loans, their various interests, payment dates and amounts then it is time for you to try out a finance app like the OneMain. This app is tailor-made for iOS 7.1+ users who would like to get a tab on their loan payments. The OneMain app can help you in bill consolidation, home improvement costs, auto repair and purchase cost calculation, management of unexpected expenses and calculate the amount of consolidation loan required to handle all the expenses.

  • Loan Calculator

Now you can calculate your monthly payments and interest amounts within a few seconds with this Android friendly finance app. You can adjust the payment schedule and varying amounts depending on the down payments or varying interest rates on the original amount. Never miss out a payment again with the Loan Calculator app from Anton Rybin on Android.

  • MoneyWise Pro

You can now update your daily expenses on the go with this easy, lightweight and multi-currency Android app. You can set weekly, biweekly and/or monthly budgets with the help of this app and integrate your PayTM and PayPal expenses with MoneyWise Pro for daily updates. You can tag your expenses using labels and split your expenses over multiple categories for easy calculation.

Keeping a tab on spending is never easy with multiple credit cards and online payment options. While you are busy shopping or upgrading your lifestyle, these mobile apps can easily have your back.

Author Bio: Thomas Murrow is a finance advisor and a blogger. He is a strong advocate of using mobile apps and online calculation methods for management of personal loans, mortgage payments and other loan payments.