5 Mistakes Everyone Does During Wedding Reception

The wedding day is a much anticipated day and so much goes into the arrangement plans from months in advance. It is only natural that after many stressful months (or even weeks or years) some details may get forgotten or overlooked and some part of the wedding might not come out as was intended.
Some of the most common mistakes wedding planners get to see at wedding receptions are as follows.

1. Not Sampling Food

You might have made the best gown, got a beautiful cake, chosen from the best wedding venues in Essex, and arranged the wedding ceremony to perfection. But did you and your wedding partner take the time to sample what will be on the reception menu? Food is one of the cornerstones of your reception and you need to sample it well in advance to avoid last minute disasters.
You need to carefully select the menu, taste the quality, and be sure of portion sizes. If your venue’s chefs are not up to par you can make arrangements to bring in independent caterers. Your meal options should include vegetarian and vegan dishes depending on your guests tastes. You do not need surprises when it comes to your reception food so ensure that the caterers commit to providing what you have tasted and approved of.

2. Overrunning

The timing of everything is of utmost importance for the smooth flow of the wedding day events. The ceremony has to go as planned and keep to the scheduled time to allow for the reception to kick off. A reception whose timing is poorly kept may result in a very unsatisfactory event. Among the problems likely to be faced is service providers heading out before they have the opportunity to serve.
For example, the catering crew might have been booked for a late dinner elsewhere so your delays may cost them another valued client. The food might go cold or the bar might be closed before the reception gets underway. Everything might end up getting more expensive as people who were getting paid per hour will require extra payments.

3. No Specified Playlist

This might be by far the most common mistake in arranging the reception. Very many couples get surprised and even shocked when the wedding DJ shows up with every song they hate and not even one of the songs they love. It is usually a failure on the part of couple for not taking time to discuss the playlist with the DJ. This leaves the DJ to just play whatever is popular with the clubbing crowd forgetting that a wedding has a special audience.
Of course, a professional wedding DJ will take steps to get the couple’s input on what to play, but ultimately, this is the couple’s day and only they know what they want out of it.

4. Forgetting To Pay Wedding Suppliers

Most wedding suppliers understand that this is a hectic time in your life as you plan your big day. However, forgetting to submit your final installment is likely to leave your guests hungry or have you at a wedding with no floral decorations. As you plan your big day, make sure all those nice professionals making your dream day come true get their pay in time.

5. Over-Indulging On the Night Before

Almost as important as the big day itself are the events that lead to the big day. There is so much excitement in the air and so many excuses to party. The bridesmaids organize the bachelorette party while the groom’s guys take him off for a stag night party. While all this excitement is healthy, the wedding couple and the wedding party should try and contain themselves.
Keep the partying to reasonable levels. Take extra care on the day before the wedding. You do not want to show up for the wedding late, puffy eyed, with a hangover, and an upset stomach, sweating profusely, or nauseated. This will simply ruin the mood at the ceremony and at the reception. Worse still, all that will evidently be captured on video and still photos as a reminder for all posterity. Eat just enough on the days leading to the wedding day, make sure you have enough sleep, and be especially sparing about your alcohol intake.
All those plans for the reception need proper planning. Otherwise, some mistakes are likely to be committed either by the wedding couple, the bride’s and groom’s parties, the guests, or the wedding suppliers. To avoid these common mistakes, take time to go over your wedding details with a professional wedding planner.
Author Bio: Julie Shane is a professional wedding and event coordinator with over 7 years in the business. She currently operates from Essex, a county she fell in love with when she had her own wedding there 11 years ago.