Poor Decisions – 5 Common Reasons Cops Detain People

Poor Decisions - 5 Common Reasons Cops Detain People

With increasing frequency in the media, there are stories of police detaining citizens for any number of seemingly more and more picayune reasons. No matter who the “bad guy” is deemed to be in these situations, the fact remains that the cops saw something that could be used as reasoning for detaining the person. Some of the most common reasons can be carefully avoided. Here’s what they are…


Disobeying directions given by a police officer is one of the number one reasons for being detained, even when such disobedience is inadvertent. Whether being asked to keep hands in full view, to open the door by reaching outside, or to kneel on the ground, those directions given by cops should be performed as quickly as possible. Directions or police behavior that break the law should be reported after the fact.

Being Impolite

Police can arrest individuals for offenses under the umbrella term “contempt of cop,” so called because these things are often arbitrary and arrested for out of spite. They are most often written up as resisting arrest or disorderly conduct, though they are typically situations in which an officer feels disrespected. This includes things as simple as being sworn at or a citizen expressing interest in filing a report against the officer. The charges are often thrown out, but they can cause a great deal of trouble in the meantime.


Related to the above, threatening a cop, even with something as seemingly harmless as filing a report, can end in arrest. Worse threats, such as bodily harm or death, should never be remarked on. These are not looked upon lightly.


You don’t necessarily have to be drunk or high to be detained. Getting a DUI is one of the easiest things there is. If an officer thinks you appear intoxicated, even if a breathalyzer doesn’t register sufficient numbers, they can bring you in. If this is the case then you will need to get ahold of a good lawyer from Druyon Law to help you out of this sticky situation. This kind of representation can mean a world of difference.

Items in View

Having dubious items in view doesn’t always mean a firearm or drugs. Even bottles of prescription medication and non-gun weapons can put a cop on alert and cause an arrest. Other situations, such as urinating in view or engaging in sexual behavior in the open, can cause individuals to be detained, as well.

Many people assume that, since they are innocent, everything will be all right. Unfortunately, the idea behind “innocent until proven guilty” seems to be growing outdated. If you find yourself in trouble with police, no matter the situation, it is essential to invoke your rights and contact a relevant attorney or criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible.