Creating A Sustainable Office Environment

Working and developing a sustainable work environment can not only benefit your company, but it can have great effects on your employees. It has great benefits for the environment as well by contributing to a greener environment. It can also help your company enforce a ‘Green’ image as well as saving money on the energy bills. But how can you benefit from creating a sustainable office environment and what are the other benefits?

Encourage Employees to Work From Home or Cycle

This is an excellent way for your company to cut down on CO2 emissions. If you encourage your employees to work from home, not only will they be using their car less, it will cut down on their travel costs and increase productivity. Most employees find themselves happier when they are able to spend more time with their families and work from home. Implement secure bike parking and showers to encourage your employees to cycle into work. Not only will they also be using their car less, but it can give them some exercise, which releases endorphins that can lead to happier employees.

Swap Furniture for ‘Green’ Furniture

If you want to minimise the impact on the environment, invest in green office furniture. It should be locally sourced and be made from recycled, refurbished or sustainably produced materials. You should look for a certificate that indicates it has been assessed in terms of its impact on the environment.  What should you do with your old furniture? Donate it to charities or have it recycle so it can get refurbished. This will reduce the need for materials required to make new furniture. This will encourage and spread the word around your business about how you source local items and help support small local businesses.

Energy saving

Implementing energy saving equipment and devices is an extremely effective means of saving on your energy bills as well as contributing to helping the environment. Ensure that all electrical equipment is switched off when not in use and invest in energy saving devices that will tell you how much energy is being used. A meter to measure gas, water and electricity will enable you to indicate the areas of your office that consume the highest amounts of energy. Lightning is generally one of the areas where a business spends the most on their energy bills. A professional energy auditor can suggest ways to save energy for your business and provide expert information on what lightning would be ideal for your environment. In most cases, energy efficient lightning can be healthier for your employees by reducing headaches and light sensitivity issues.

So we have highlighted where you can make your business more sustainable, but what are the other benefits? Other businesses will look to you as being innovative and being a responsible company. By being in tune with your customers’ belief if supporting the environment, you are also increasing their loyalty to you.

Implementing some of these suggestions will enable you to reflect your social responsibility towards the environment, not only will you be saving on your energy bills, it will create a productive work environment for your employees.

Harry Price lives by the sea with his 3 dogs and draws on his costal surroundings for his writing inspiration