5 Ways Your Call Center Can Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Irrespective of the industry you are in, customers stand at the heart of any business. They are the key to your success so you need to always provide them with the best possible experience when they get in touch with you regardless of the method of communication. This means that you need to provide them with an excellent customer service, whether they are communicating you via email, live chat, or phone.

The best way to improve the experience of your customers is to have a call center. The ultimate goal of your call center is to help every single person engaged in your business find the best solutions for the customers’ problems. Someone may call you for certain information about your products or services, while others may call to check delivery details about their orders. Is your call center effective and can it actually help your customers help themselves? If not, read on to explore the simplest ways you can achieve that.

Use of Automated Notifications

Setting up automated notifications in your call center can help you quickly handle a high volume of customer communications and ensure you always provide a high-quality service to each and every person contacting you. Moreover, it can help you become more productive and efficient apart from ensuring everyone is completely informed about your business. Also, automated notifications will enable you to remain consistent thus helping you build a strong brand awareness.

You can send promotional offers, the latest announcements about your new products or services, reminders about scheduled events and appointments, status updates on product orders, follow-up surveys and other relevant alerts that will help your customers improve their experience with your brand. You can do so with the help of call center software, which will give you the option of sending text messages and recording voice messages to communicate which can be shared with the audiences.

Easy-to-Use IVR System

An IVR (Interactive voice response) system can provide both you and your customers with varied benefits. Apart from being very cost-effective, it can improve your call center’s efficiency. it is easy to use, can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

IVR allows you to use pre-recorded voice messages and prompts, gather your caller’s’ information, thus helping you prioritize calls according to their value and automate your customer support by enabling your customers to find the right solutions to their problems completely on their own. Also, with the use of IVR, you can route your callers to the agents with the highest qualifications to help them out.

IVR systems do not only help you improve the image of your company and showcase professionalism, but they also provide your callers with a personalized experience and enable them to navigate to solving their problems even without speaking to your agents.

Tracking Status Updates

Enabling your customers to contact your call center in order to get the details about their orders, such as shipping and delivery information, can really go a long way. Not only can they collect the information they need and keep track of every update regarding their orders with a single phone call but they can also see you as a professional who cares about them and keen to satisfy their needs.

Furthermore, if someone wants to return or replace an order, or if they need a refund, allowing them to do so over the phone, anytime they want, will make them trust you more. When they know that they can easily track the details they need, they will build confidence in your brand and you will not be at risk of losing valuable customers.

5 Ways Your Call Center Can Help Your Customers Help Themselves

Handling Transactions

Just as it is important to let your customers track their orders over the phone, it is essential that you enable them to handle their transactions with a simple phone call without the hassle of emailing you and waiting for your response. Therefore, make sure you let your customers call you and make their payments.

Why is this so important? Because not everyone wants to handle their transactions online simply because they don’t feel so secure sharing their personal information and credit card details. They want to pick up the phone and talk to a reliable agent from your company, so ensure your call center allows them to do so.

CSAT Surveys

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys can provide you with very helpful feedback from your customers and thus help you know exactly how to improve your call center and provide a high-quality service. CSAT surveys are conducted at the end of a phone call and of course, you can ask your each caller whether or not they actually want to be transferred to your survey and leave feedback. You can choose to do so with the use of IVR.

Asking your callers quick questions about your service will provide you with answers that will show you the level of their satisfaction with your call center. It is one of the best ways for you to improve customer engagement and provide seamless experiences at all times. Whether or not they are aware of it, your customers actually help themselves by providing you with feedback, as you can use it to take your call center to a higher level.


If you need good and reliable software to help you improve your call center, ensure you check out the varied options available. It is best to choose a tool that will help you reduce helpdesk tickets, support calls, share information securely and most importantly create an excellent experience for your customers.