Event Espresso a Great WP plugin for Event Management

Event Espresso is a premium WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to manage event registration and issue tickets to paying customers on any WordPress website. Ideal for those who need to orchestrate classes, workshops, fundraisers, sporting events, training seminars, conferences, or any other type of event, Event Espresso is a powerful program that will any even the most amateur WordPress webmaster to build a professional event management website.
Event Espresso consists of an Event Calendar that allows both you and your users to view upcoming events and stay up-to-date about what’s going on, a Venue Manager for tracking the actual activities of your events, and individual Attendee Profiles so that everyone who is coming to one of your events can speak their mind. Event Espresso allows users to customize the plugin to fit the appearance of their website and take advantage of over a dozen payment gateways, ensuring that customers can always have a way to purchase their tickets when they need to. Events listed in the plugin can be categorized based on the type of venues they relate to, attendees can be placed on waiting lists, and the user can stay in touch with their fans via built-in social networking features.
In addition to the core functionality of the plugin, users can purchase up to 12 add-ons that enhance the plugin’s capabilities dramatically. These add-ons include the Ticketing add-on, the Multiple Event add-on, the Recurring Events Manager, the Seating Chart add-on, the MailChimp add-on, the Custom Files add-on, WP User Integration, Social Coupon Integration, the Events Calendar, the Social Media add-on, the Roles and Permissions add-on, and the Permissions Pro add-on. Each of these add-ons is designed to suit a specific purpose, all of which can be found on the Events Espresso Add-Ons page.
Event Espresso is available in four different versions, including the free version, the Personal License, the Business License, and the Developer License. The Personal License is available for $89.95, can be used on one site, and includes 2 premium add-ons as well as one year of upgrades and support. The Business License is available for $179.95, can be used on one site, and includes 10 premium add-ons as well as the one year of upgrades and support. The Developer License is available for $499.95, can be used on five sites, and includes all 12 premium add-ons as well as the one year of upgrades and support.
Event Espresso features a variety of support options, including a publically-accessible forum, a premium support license (for specific instructions), a contact form (for billing and account support), and extensive documentation covering every aspect of the plugin, from its installation and implementation to known errors caused by third-party plugins and themes. All of these support options can be accessed on the Event Espresso Support Page.

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Rene lives in Amsterdam and loves working with WordPress and windsurfing, he owns a great website called wpdiscounts, where he offers coupon code for event espresso. You can find more about Event Espresso here.