Free Online Courses

While it does sound unbelievable but free online courses do exists. When it comes to education everything is so expensive and very often it is unaffordable at all. Students get frustrated when they want to receive new knowledge which will allow them to find a decent job, but due to economical situation in their families they just can’t do it.

Nevertheless, there are still some options left. It might not be your personal field of interests but it is something. Besides, the most important these days is to get a job. So, here is your plan. Go through the list of following online courses, find the one the suits you the most, study, get a job and become successful at it. Once you do all that, you will be able to graduate any college you want to, write or buy essay on any topic you like! Who knows, maybe you will find something interesting here as well. Give yourself a chance.

 “Learn to Program: The Fundamentals” presented by University of Toronto

As it is already obvious from the name of this course, you will learn basics of computer programming in Python language. If you have no prior knowledge, then you will definitely have a lot to learn. These lectures will take 1 to 2 hours each week. What makes this course interesting is that video lessons include quiz. By the end of the course, you will get a statement of accomplishment.

“The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People” present by The University of Edinburgh 

The course covers the fundamental standards of clinical brain research for kids and youngsters. You will have the ability to comprehend the formative procedure and the mental wellbeing challenges of kids and youngsters. The course likewise gives a viewpoint to master the social and societal setting of mental wellbeing. The length of time of the course is 5 weeks. You will be qualified for a statement of achievement if you successfully complete this course. In case you are interested in dealing with children and young people to hone your psychological skills, use this opportunity!

“An Introduction To Marketing” presented by Wharton University

There will be three main focuses during this course. They are: customer centricity, branding strategies and new market entry. These three things are inseparable. The go-to-market strategies will help to understand different factors that impact customers while knowing these factor help to launch products effectively. The course lasts 9 weeks with 5 to 6 hours of weekly engagement. At the end of this course you will be able to get a statement of accomplishment.

Social Entrepreneurship” presented b Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Social Entrepreneurship main purpose is to take care of a number of world’s present problems. Social business people are having a constructive effect in determining social issues by preparing human assets and stores. After completing this course, you will have the capacity to dispatch effective social business ventures. There are two tracks to the project. You can either pick the open track where you will submit assignments on genuine social issues or settle on the mark track where you can bring your own particular task to the system. Applicants who complete the mark track at an abnormal state will be qualified for full grant at Penn Social Impact House. The span of the course is 6 weeks.

These are just a few examples. You can also research such places as Case Western Reserve University, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, University of Lausannne, and many others. Nowadays, every self-respecting University has a free online course for sure. Just ask around and do a research, and you will find something!