Does Taking CBD Help?

CBD is the latest wonder remedy that’s making a splash in the world of wellness – there are huge promises around what it can do for you, from treating inflammation and sore muscles, to managing depression and anxiety, helping you relax, aiding sleep and boosting your general sense of wellbeing.

Today we’re taking a look at these products, so you can make an informed decision about whether CBD is the right choice for you.


The first thing we need to look at is why and how CBD is legal. It’s derived from Cannabis, which is a class B drug in the UK – possession is, at least potentially, punishable by imprisonment. Before you buy it you want to be sure it’s legal.

The WHO published a report into the properties of CBD in 2018. This didn’t prove or disprove any of the therapeutic claims around CBD but it did establish that the compound isn’t addictive, psychoactive or otherwise harmful. This opened the doors for the sale of CBD products as long as they fit certain criteria, most notably that they contain no more than .2% traces of THC, the psychoactive component of Cannabis. If you buy it from a reputable retailer on the high street or online like Dayzed, CBD is made from specially bred strains of the plant that naturally contain only very low THC.

What Does it Do?

CBD has been referred to as a ‘promiscuous molecule’ because of the number of different ways it interacts with the body. This means it has a lot of different effects, but how useful these effects are is still the subject of research.

The early studies that exist appear to show that CBD can be useful as an anti-inflammatory medication. This means it can be useful as a way to manage the symptoms (including pain) of arthritis, which is caused by inflammation around the joints. There’s also some promising evidence that CBD can act as a neuropathic painkiller – tackling pain in the neurons of the brain, and therefore useful for a whole range of difference pain conditions.

It also appears – though much of the evidence is anecdotal – that CBD has some positive mental health effects. Many people use CBD alongside (or even instead of) clinical antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication, and it is also reputed to help facilitate sleep, and lots of people use CBD products to help treat insomnia with every appearance of success!

It’s important to keep a sceptical mind when you’re assessing the promises of CBD products. Think about the issues you are trying to treat and manage, and look for research showing whether there are any hints CBD could be helpful before you commit!